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Owen Cook  Self Help Speaker / Entrepreneur

The squad is onhand for today's 2hour+ YouTube video release. How insane do you imagine this is going to be?

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#TBT @rsdmax and myself in Honolulu Hawaii last year. We are back in Hawaii TODAY for tonight's free tour event.

Go to to come hang out with us if you are in Hawaii today, and follow the adventure on IG Stories from anywhere in the world.

This was a wildly funny exercise last week that involved a lot of @rsdluke screaming and growling back and forth with our client.

Will try to post a preview snippet here at some point. It gets pretty intense.

Off to Hawaii tomorrow to run the Honolulu events!! More to come from out there.

When #rsddylan wants my attention, he just gets up in my face and grabs my beard and demands it.


The endless filming that was Chicago lol. Good to be back.

@julienhimself just threw up the new video on his channel /julienhimself

LINK IN MY BIO... How did YOU like this video?

Shot all night again. All this footage had audio issues, so off to reshoot it all on little sleep in the last hours before my flight lol 😣😫 These types of challenges are more common than you'd think.

The art is in taking the lesson so it doesn't happen again, shake off the disappointment, and do it again even better than the first time.

Turn a negative into a positive, and keep moving forward.

Happy July 4th.

This has been a year of such beauty and blessing, it's hard for me to conceive of how lucky I've been to live the life that I live.

I've had incredible mentors, friendships, experiences, inner and outer growth, 2 beautiful sons, and for a time, an incredibly understanding girlfriend who I shared a brief period of my life with over the past few years.

My goal for all these blessings has always been to pay it forward.

And at every event, I push myself to the absolute limit to create a massive impact on the people who trust me to attend.

To everyone who attended a live event with me this year, thank you.

And to everyone who didn't, I hope the message is the same.  Thank you for following me on social media, and being a part of this journey.

The message I want to share is always the same.


Don't waste time on low level nonsense.  Don't argue.  Don't gossip.  Don't hold grudges. Don't be ungrateful. Don't self attack.

Most of all, don't lose sight of the value that people offer in your life.

The "trick" of low vibration energy is to dupe us into believing that those in our lives "take more than they give". And so send us off like dogs chasing our tails to find some magical person or situation that's somehow better.

Don't listen to it.  Don't get tricked by it.  The people in your life are there for your journey.  And they are your partners in the lessons you are to receive in this life.

Focus instead on appreciating people, appreciating your life, and appreciating even your most difficult of circumstances that will shape you into the person who you will become.

And as a thought experiment, imagine that the people in your life are your "soul family" who you planned to come to this earth with to participate in eachother's lives.  Every challenge that came up... you architected to play roles in TOGETHER to learn from eachother and grow.

I love EVERYONE who has been in my life, and feel infinite gratitude to be sharing this experience with them.

THANK YOU for being a part of my journey.

I hope to make you proud to have known me, and exceed your expectations in every way possible.

Up all night agaaaaiiinnn filming in Chicago.

It's crazy to look back at my career and think of the sheer volume of sales I've been blessed to produce over 15 years.

I've watched a lot of players come and go, and it occurs to me that there's a common denominator between the few successes and endless failures.

Ultimately, you must STUDY the person you're trying to reach, and GET INSIDE THEIR HEADS.

What does the person you're trying to reach really want?

How do they feel in their bodies?

Where are they trying to get to in life?

What is their self image?

Who are they trying to become?

What type of energy do they respond to?

And what do they want more than anything..... RIGHT NOW?

Then ultimately you've got to accurately assess... where is there a "win/win" for the both of you?

Most people are so caught up in their own wants, needs, agendas, and what they're "not getting" - that they rarely have the mental bandwidth to really study the drives of other people.

The dense energy in their own minds makes them too preoccupied to get outside themselves and wake up to the fact that not everyone is on THEIR agenda.

Just because you're in a position where you want your dreams to come true, does not automatically mean it will happen without this type of study.

Ideally, you should know your prospect BETTER THAN THEY KNOW THEMSELVES.

This knowledge can be kind of frightening.  We humans, are a petty lot.  With many base level desires.

But when you can embrace this, and not judge people for it, you can find ways of getting on the same page and creating relationships that work amazingly for both of you.

The ultimate sign of someone who is in "thriving" and not just "coping" is that they have the bandwidth to think outside themselves, and offer value to others.

When you can do this, you will also be compensated to a shockingly high degree.

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