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A lil rant about how I never would have done anything EVER without evolutionary pressure. This seems to be a fav topic of mine.

The clip is sarcastic btw for anyone who struggles to read social cues 🙆🏼🤸🏆 Full 2 hour YouTube version should hopefully be out tomorrow.

Crazy, crazzyy, crazzzyyyy video. Unreal. Was so fun to record in real life. It starts with @rsdluke giving me a crisp spanking on the Brooklyn Bridge, then escalates (devolves?) rapidly from there.

Stayed up all night with the editing team to finish it before today's trip to Chicago - I'm posting from the air right now - see you in Chitown tonight!

@rsdluke @rsdmadison @rsdmaze

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It'ssss cooommminnngggggg...

I'm coming to Chicago TODAY!!! Last minute I decided to join Julien on his Free Tour and Transformation Mastery event.

That means you can come hang out with us at the free event today (Thursday)... or join up on Transformation Mastery or our infield Bootcamp.

And then if you can't make it because you live somewhere else in the world, you can follow all our idiotic adventures right here on Instagram Story.

I'm sure the IG Stories will be as dumb as possible, just how you like 'em. 😀

ALSO.... Julien and I are teaming up for a SELF HELP video for his self help channel.

Let us know if you have any topic ideas you feel we could do a good job of covering as a team in the comments. Anything where you see Julien and myself collabing in a way that's synergistic.

We may do your topic, thanks!

See you in Chicago!


Just keep going... and soon you can be a success like me, doing Peter Pan imitations in front of millions of people on YouTube and make your mother proud.

@rsdluke @rsdmadison @rsdmaze

Oh... it's coming.

@rsdluke @rsdmadison @rsdmaze

Most people have a fear of bad days or nights. But I love them.

Pushing through rough patches is where the most growth occurs.

I specifically shoot my YouTube videos in public where people will give me funny looks and interrupt, to make it harder on myself.

As everyone knows (but often forgets)... Pushing through resistance = growth.

I often feel bad for people who I can tell don't often experience that.

I had a friend recently who literally lost her mind for several days over a broken cell phone.

IMHO she hasn't had enough challenge in her life, so ironically feels MORE pain at a minor incident than if she were to live a life where she pushed herself every day.

I love her and feel for her, but the solution is not in getting upset and hoping mistakes will never happen again (life will always have mishaps). It's in taking on a more challenging lifestyle, to where a cracked phone screen wouldn't be a big deal.

Why burn up our mental / emotional capital to cry over a phone when we can use it to go make millions of dollars? Let's use that same focus to buy the entire phone company!

I mean I know that sounds exaggerated and oversimplified... but really, to utilize that level of emotional exertion and focused intensity in a POSITIVE direction on a consistent basis, and that could really be possible.

And the craziest part is this... she is a VERY powerful person.

To be born with the capacity to feel emotions that strongly and care that deeply about a cracked phone... it means the POTENTIAL is there to be that passionate about constructive areas of her life.

It's just that without enough deliberate training, it's like a firehose whipping around in every direction.

So what taking on challenges in life does is TRAINS the firehose to aim CONSCIOUSLY.

Of course I offered to pay for it, but deep down thought "Am I helping or hurting her?" Lol, not sure.

Realize though that when a bit of pain becomes your comfort zone you ironically feel LESS PAIN.

Push through rough days or nights with the knowledge that you are growing and becoming the strongest, most adaptive and focused version of yourself.

Enjoy the process. Have fun!! @anderson._paak

Little ginger dot up of a person on stage at the front is yours truly.

Flanked by my bros @rsdmadison
and @rsdmaze.

Was a f&$king zoo of an event loaded with mind-bending info. Psyched to release the full video later this week.

U excited?

Another really incredible video coming later this week.... Stay tuned.

Credit @rsdluke on the spanking. And @rsdmadison with the assist.

@julienhimself hosted me for a real mindfuck of an event in Denver last week.

Thanks to the few hundred people who made it out to what is usually a smaller city for us.

The full 2 hours has just been released on YouTube - enjoy!


Oldschool @julienhimself tears it up with me in the field in Denver Colorado - 2 hours of seminar as well, WILL POST TONIGHT!

@rsdmadison hosts me for a shocking new video that reveals your blindspots.


Madison just released a huge video featuring yours truly on his channel.

His new program "Bootcamp @ Home" is coming Wednesday as well. Definitely pick up your copy if it piques your interest, but for now just enjoy this massive video.

It's on the topic of "Blindspots" - and reveals all of your various delusions that have been holding you back.

And btw if you haven't noticed... most of the best videos of the year are product launch videos. RSD's version of a launch is you give away like 10 hours of your very best content, and then if someone wants to go deeper it's up to them.

But the launch itself actually FUNDS the creation of the free launch videos, which are always unbelievably loaded with our best ideas and best production. So be sure to take advantage and enjoy the video.


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