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Dank snapshot by @olivermumm

Spillin' da truth with mah homegirl @kangasanniina 👇👇 People been calling me weird my entire life. It always bothered me... Until I realized it's a good sign you're on the way to being extraordinary.

This is why I believe in what we do at RSD. We want to show the world: Hey, there’s these kinda weird and edgy guys, they drink Kombucha, they like StarCraft, they read Eckhart Tolle, they take their healthy weirdly seriously… they’re nerds, they’re dorks but oi! They go out, they have fun, they pick up girls lol

It’s a crazy world we live in and I’m happy to be part of it.
Be weird, be different... and be okay with it. ❤️❤️ PS: a big fear I'm tackling in my program Fearless - The Approach Anxiety Buster is the fear of being different. So if you have trouble [not] fitting in, you should definitely tap the link in my bio to check out the free content on there!

Is this what real hustle looks like? 😁😁

We live in a free world with endless possibilities. It’s never been this easy to start a business, find a partner, go on crazy sexual adventures or travel the world.

Yet almost NONE of us end up doing it. Instead we’re stuck in our own heads, never able to approach that cute girl at the grocery store. We never grow the balls to start our own business, we keep procrastinating that crazy travel-the-world adventure we and our friends have planned. Why?
Cause we’re afraid. We’re afraid to fail, we’re afraid what “the others” might think of us. Our so called “friends” have slowly turned into people we report to, our colleagues and acquaintances become our source of self acceptance: “Are they laughing at my jokes? Does everyone think I’m a cool guy?”. We live in a free world. But we’re imprisoning ourselves.

Didyou know that NONE of my old friends thought becoming an RSD instructor would ever work for me? Did you know that ALL OF them thought I was crazy? I’m not mad at them, I would probably think the same.

But the moment I decided that THEIR WORDS ARE NOT MY REALITY was the moment I was free to go on that crazy adventure. I was free to go for that extraordinary goal. I was free to LIVE.

And I want you to taste that sweet freedom too. Because you deserve it.

Much love.

PS: Fearless - The Approach Anxiety Buster will deal with EXACTLY that: The fear of what other people think of me. Amongst many others, this sticking point will be DESTROYED. Tap link in my bio to grab some exclusive videos before the launch of my new program!

Pretty much how I feel right now. High. Elevated. Feather-light.

The editing phase of Fearless - The Approach Anxiety Buster is in its final phase. It’s one hell of a product.
The process of creating this program has taught me so much, has made me cry more than once. For stress, for pressure, for joy, for pride.

Life is great, folks, immerse yourself in the hardest work you could ever imagine. Create, create, create. Inspire. Take small pit stops to fill up on love and relationships, and then go back and push harder than ever.

Keep your eyes open for the lessons, do something kind every day. Be a dick when you need to, slow down when you’re burning out and always get enough protein in, haha.

I’m just ranting, I’m rambling, so psyched to be part of all this after 7 years in the game. Makes me wonder what the future might bring us all?

Cause right now it can barely get any better. Much love.

PS: Since some people kept asking: I talked to the homeboys from Probro Wear. You can get this track suit and all the other stuff you’ve seen me wearing over at > they even hooked us up with an RSD discount. Use the code “MAX” and get 10% off. lol, pretty dank. Other than that, let’s keep crushing it, champs! gg

She does NOT know stole it 😛😛 @kangasanniina @olivermumm

The cool thing about the hustle? It doesn't care about your past. You work, you become. End of story.

That’s the great thing about the time we live in. You can be a broke loser with nothing to your name but a few dollars and a netflix account.

Yet, if YOU PUT IN THE WORK, if you hustle when others are out partying, if you get up early when others sleep in, if you invest in books when others blow $$ on beer… then YOU CAN BECOME.

Nobodycares if you’re fat, nobody cares if you’ve been disappointed by the same people over and over again, nobody cares if you’ve been a loser in highschool. You work, you become. End of the story.

Soplease, do me the favor, do YOURSELF the favor and get back up, try one more time, keep hammering out those hours, keep your head up, your grip tight and your thoughts sharp. Cause there’s nothing impossible for those who are willing to hustle.

PS: It might be scary, you might feel fear, resistance, anxiety. Lemme help you fix that. Tap the link in my bio and start your journey into becoming FEARLESS.

4 years ago I had lost my job, had just quit college and I was left with nothing but a dream. Can you imagine how scared of a 23-year-old I was?

Fear? Hell yeah I feel fear. But I found a way to leverage my fear.

I got on a flight to Miami, a couple thousand bucks in my pocket that I had to borrow from friends and family. I was about to start a 6 month unpaid internship with RSD, a company I loved. I was broke, without education, no one to believe in me.

Why did I do that? Because the idea of going for it, the dream, the ultimate goal, scared me shitless. I let my fear guide me, I admitted it, I breathed through it.

4 years later I still can’t believe it. I’m getting paid to do shit I would do for free. I wake up grateful, excited, free. I’ve traveled the world several times, met the most beautiful human beings, nurtured unshakable friendships, built a brand and a life I still can’t fucking comprehend.

Funny what fear can do for you if you let it. Guys, sometimes I’m crying because life can be so awesome if you just pile up some courage, just for a few minutes a day. This life you’re dreaming about, this seemingly impossible endeavor. It’s out there, waiting to be conquered. BY YOU. ❤️ PS: Have you seen the exclusive FEARLESS content I’m sharing over at Tap the link in my bio and see what the fuss is about 👍

She's doing all the work 🤗🤗 📸 By @olivermumm

Isn’t it funny? Everyone’s so entitled these days. We WANT we WANT we WANT. Searching for the next get-rich-quick scheme, the new magic-pill-diet, the hidden-pick-up-line-that-makes-women-WANT-you-without-them-even-knowing. 😂😂 The ugly truth is: You don’t deserve SHIT. The world owes you NOTHING.🤗🤗 You want nice things? Get off your ass, stop complaining, stop demanding and start putting in the EFFORT. Effort builds habits and habits build mastery. Mastery builds results and then, only THEN, after thousands of hours of work, will you be able to reap the benefits of your your effort. 👊👊 Surely that sounds like a lot of work to most of us, but until someone has a better idea I’ll be busy hustling. gg

It's simple. The person who possesses the ability to endure pain and sacrifice comfort will always win. ...Just as much as the person who refrains from complaining will always be rewarded with results.

GG guys, GG.

Got nerdchills with @kangasanniina. Found this dank Terminator acrade game #gettothechoppah

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