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RSD Mr. Madison  💼 Executive Coach for Real Social Dynamics 👫 Self-Development & Dating 🌎 Helsinki Freetour (Mar 29) 👇 Check out when we can meet in your city here 👇

One of the major things that makes you good with women, is the ability to not take yourself to seriously😜. Imagine there was no “you”, and just emotion and energy shared with others👍

This fun vid is made by Ajay. 🔥🔥🔥Who sent this in for the fan meme competition. THE CLIP IS FROM MY NEW VIDEO WITH OWEN ON MY YOUTUBE. For being such a boss fan, we’re gonna send you a free copy of my 6 hour audio book, “The Way Of The Superior Boss” 📚

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“I don’t have time to GAME” is a struggle you’ve faced before.

And let’s say it’s not true… then I hate to be the bearer of bad news but overtime this WILL happen to you (especially if you are new to the game). How do I know?

After being in the game for more than a decade… I’ve experienced this MANY times and have witnessed countless guys from all the over the world with the SAME problem.

Here’s the catch... There’s a BIG difference between guys who are LYING to themselves in order to stay in their comfort zone… and guys who are genuinely using their time to enhance other areas of their life.

The million dollar question is… which one are you doing?

To figure this out and end your doubts… Tyler and I made a video on the subject. FULL VIDEO ON YOUTUBE/RSDMADISON

🌴Miami was fun. For the first time in a while I enjoyed myself there. If you watch my stories, you will see I travel with a crew of assistants. That’s honestly so I don’t get lonely. I still haven’t mastered the skill of keeping personal relationships together when I travel. The amount of girlfriends I have seen loose touch or communication at this point is pretty crazy. Some which I would have liked to see blossom into a multi-year relationship. But traveling in hard on new relationships and fresh friendship. But with my hand on my heart, I always give my best. 🙏 My recommendation to you, is make time to connect with the people you care about. Even if that quality time is on a schedule. Then be sure you can emotionally “show up” for them. Because if you don’t, someone else will.
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My Assistants Thibault & Dan: Caption this photo 🤷‍♂️...

Something that you should be proud of, is that you can STAY A NERD, and some women will LOVE IT. I'm proud to be a nerd that can consistantly date 9s and 10s while beating the chiseled jaw "good looking" guy every time!!! In this video I show you how it's done step by step like a BOSS!

Link to the full video in my BIO!

Still in Miami, 4 more days to go. I’ve come to Miami more times then I can count for work🤔. But I’ve tried to get out the ROUTINE and enjoy it as a fan!!! Sounds crazy but we all get stuck in the routine sometimes, no matter how lucky we are. So my question to you is this... what is something today that you could have GRATITUDE for that you take for granted 🙏🙏🙏??? Post a comment. I’ll reply 👍
#blessed #gratitude #appreciation #gratitudejournal #prayer #thankful

Whole squad on deck!👊🏾What you know about creating your OWN LANE??? All the guys you see here in front of you are just like you. But the difference between you and us, is we just “made peace with our uniqueness and individuality”. We all live by a different code. But we stick to that code, and that’s where the power comes from. We just remind you of what possible for yourself! You got this! #rsdmadison #realsocialdynamics #onlinedating #datingcoach #datingadvice

Champagne wishes and caviar dreams! Sitting back with the boys having some Old Fashioned’s🥃 at the Versace Mansion! Bootcamp was a high value transformation. All students had dates and pulls, what more could I ask for. Making papa bear proud. Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy this whiskey

MIAMI VIBES 🐠☀️. Everything is glory so far. Really been appreciating the sun, as a kid from Canada. Been a sick as week hanging with the crew and helping my student meet women, and give them the evening of a lifetime! I’m gonna be down here in Miami for AN EXTRA WEEK running Bootcamps. So if you ever thought about doing a program with me, now is the right time! Just go to rsdlifegame.com for my schedule.
With that said, today is the last day at summit. I will see you all at the final instructor panel! Boss!👊🏾 #datingadvice #dating #attraction #datingcoach
Photo by DanFu

Summit has been a blast as always. This is my 4th winter summit and probably 15th trip to Miami. Shout out to the hundreds of people who made it. To those who missed it, Video is coming soon! 😉

The semi-annual instructor dinner photo 🙌. I appreciate these guys more then words can describe!!! We have been through so much together, and I’m blessed to be a part of the team. Like any brotherhood we all fight at times because we are so strong minded. But we always come together for the MISSION to fill the gap in the world that is missing.!We are here for you, you make us real. We remind you of all your potential you already have👊🏾

Every damn day a guy comes up to me with the same story. Tell me if this is you? 👌 “I want to learn game, but I work a 9-5 job 💼.” Or “I’m tired of 6’s, I want high quality women.” And HOW do integrate dating into my life??? The answer to that is LIFEGAME... starting NOW all of my Bootcamps will have a 5 day upgrade option instead of the usual 3 day Bootcamp. We are gonna take photos, and work on your social media. Have group dates, do daygame, develop a roadmap plan and so much more. Check out RSDLIFEGAME.COM

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