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RSD/CRPS 4 a Cure  This is the profile for RSD/CRPS 4 a Cure. for more info on RSD/CRPS email: Please support our fight 🔥✌🏻️

So today I wanted to update everyone but also talk a growing problem for the pain community. We all know that narcotics are not the way to treat chronic pain. That would not be effective, but we also know that when someone with chronic pain get injured, has procedures, or dislocations they are necessary to keep our pain at bay. I was recently denied pain medication with no definitive reason as to why. I have had four significant falls over the past 8 weeks and my doctors kept ignoring them and medicating me. In my most recent fall, I fell face first into concrete steps. I hit my head hard (again making this my fourth mild concussion), strained my neck (and had to be put in a neck brace), bruised my sternum/ ribs, and to top it off I dislocated my knee cap. 🤦🏼‍♀️Does anyone else have trouble with this issue? 🤷🏽‍♂️ To be clear strong pain meds ARE NOT the way to treat chronic pain but they are a way to treat acute injuries. So needless to say I am not doing well have had multiple fainting episodes but I am so thankful for my family, my staff @dancersost by preparing for the upcoming season, and my incredible fiancé @jcnolin11
Oh yeah and enjoy this picture of my dog looking after me and wanting to be in my business as I was watching a sermon 😂 #livingthechronicillnesslife #rsdcrps4acure #opioidcrisis #rsd #CRPS #rsdcrps #edssucks

Hey everyone, if you could keep me (and my family) in your prayers, I had another episode yesterday and fell onto the concrete steps in our breezeway. I'm pretty banged up and now braced up lol we serve a great God and I know He has a greater purpose for everything we don't understand. #ourgodisgreater #livingthechronicillnesslife

Okay so I am back and forth on this product, for me personally it didn’t help but I know other people who swear by this product. I am now selling the it works products to help me pay off my car while I can’t work full time. I love all of the products and am also looking to add people onto my team! Want to learn how to make some extra money or try out the amazing products? Message me today!! #wellnesswednesday #itworks #rsdcrps4acure #edswillnotwin #amnesia #fighter #RSD #CRPS #rsdcrps #chronicillness #spoonies #rsdwarriors

Okay so meditation tends to be a taboo subject but it really shouldn’t be. Mediation can take place in many forms. I personally hate guided imagery but I love meditating through my daily prayer time and also guided breathing time. Whether you have a religion or not, whether you spend two minutes or an hour meditating- it can be a really helpful tool. What type of meditation do you utilize daily? #meditationmonday #rsdcrps4acure #edswillnotwin #amnesia #fighter #RSD #CRPS #rsdcrps #chronicillness #spoonies #rsdwarriors

For a long time, I didn’t share my story because all that I could see is the faults and failures that have happened since my diagnosis. Then what was my biggest disappointment became my strongest form of empowerment. “Don’t be ashamed of your story, it will inspire others” that quote was rolling around in my brain today and just made me want to encourage you to share your story. Maybe you aren’t ready to share your story with the world, but take small steps. Just comment a short bit of your story on this post and allow yourself to feel empowered and strong and amazing. Little things make big differences. stay strong #spoonies! #thursdaythoughts #rsdcrps4acure #edswillnotwin #amnesia #fighter #RSD #CRPS #rsdcrps #chronicillness

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Okay for #wellnesswednesday I want to talk about it works. I am a HUGE fan of the wraps. While I have been recovering I can only workout about once a week and these wraps have been a huge help to my fat loss journey! Want to try one? Message me today! #itworks💚 #likeseriouslyitworks

This quote was in my head as I got admitted last night. I think that there are many times where most pain flares I know that there is nothing the hospital can do to help, and other times I have this little shred of hope in me that tells me try one more and go in. Let's hope that today when I see my lead doctor on my regular team (not the general floor md team) that we get some good answers. Please keep me in your thoughts 😘 I hope you all have low pain days and that you have a good Sunday! #rsdcrps4acure #rsdwontwin #amnesiawontwin #edswontwineither

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Still in this pain flare but this dog keeps me strong 💛 thanks to my family for taking care of me this week while Jared has school, and thanks @jcnolin11 for all that you do everyday and when you come home every night to take care of me 💛 #amnesiawontwin #rsdwontwin #edswontwineither

Want to learn more about me and my fiancé's love story? Read this! We have dealt with RSD, Amnesia, and EDS we are a real life version of the vow! Click the link in the bio to read!

You know what I mean when I say those days right? The days when you feel like you are having the same old "conversation" or "disagreement" or "whatever word you want to put here" again and again. Those days where you just feel like your world is not getting any easier and those who you wish could understand the things that you feel that you can't even describe could understand. Not even painful feeling but the emotions that come with having a chronic illness. I think as "spoonies" we need to also recognize that it is not their place to understand the things that we can't explain. I'm not saying that our loved ones shouldn't stop and put themselves in our shoes but...Just like our disease is frustrating for us, it is just as frustrating for those who love us. This life is hard. Tonight I am hanging out with a dislocated shoulder and more than a bit of frustration if I'm being truly honest. This illness can overpower our bodies but we must not let it overpower our minds. Just remember we are allowed to have times of frustrations, and so are our loved ones. #rsdcrps4acure

Peek-a-Boot! Yes, I have been out for almost a week now with an Achilles injury. I have been keeping it quiet, but I know that I eventually need to tell everyone because this is affecting my business. Who else feels like these spells have to come at the most inconvenient times ?! 🙄 anyways I'm sorry I have been so distant my business has started taking off, and that is where my main focus has been. How are all my warriors doing?!? #rsdcrps4acure

Tonight one thought crosses my mind. What happens when there aren't any more doors to create? My mother consistently as a kid and even now as an adult, would remind me how I seem to always want to choose option 3 when I am only given option 1 and 2. With this illness I especially want a third option. I want a cure. That is option 3. This month as you know is #rsdcrpsawarenessmonth and we need a cure. I encourage everyone to share their stories. I know for me, I am running out of options. #letsfindacuretogether #rsdcrps4acure

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