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Google made this amazing collage for me! Baby boy's first time driving a TRAX train. Can die happy.

Like the great Salt-N-Pepper said "Soup Soup ba Soup" (Salt-n-Pepper also great in soup). Celebrating National Soup month down at SLC @oshucksut (100 s/ Main St.) BINGO TONIGHT and every Tuesday night starting at 9:30PM. We have $2,000 Buckaroos on the line! Come and hang out with your old boy Schlagous!

POLYESTER BLEND IS LIVE PEOPLE!!! Tonight 8-10:30PM on KRCL. Playing our favorite music we have discovered of this horse shit year. Tune in at 90.9 FM or . CALL US AT 1-800-359-9191.

BINGO BINGO BINGO !!!! Big winners at O'shucks DOWNTOWN SLC , every Tuesday at 9:30pm. Show up early and grab a spot. I got goofs and spoofs on the menu; as well as actual food like amazing sushi. 2000 dollars on the line ! @breakingbingo

DON'T go TO THE STORE FOR THANKSGIVING CRAP!!! Come to Breaking Bingo!!!!!! TONIGHT! SLC O'shucks (100 S/Main) 9:30PM! I am giving away all the stuff you need to buy, including the bird !!! Plus good, drinks, and $1,900.00 on the line !!! Free to play!! Breaking BINGO

POLYESTER BLEND IS BACK!!! Filling in for the wonderful Courtney on AFTERNOON DELIGHT. Let's let music get us through another day.... ugh. Tune in from 1:00PM-4:00PM at 90.9 FM OR Call in @ 1-800-359-9191 and chat with your pals the Polyester BLEND. STAY STRONG KIDDOS!!!

ELECTION HEADQUARTERS IS AT O'shucks SLC !!!!! SPECIAL ELECTION BINGO TONIGHT !!! 9:30 PM have a drink to either celebrate or plan your exit to Canada. Special Election prizes, food, as well as $1,800.00 on the line!!! FREE TO PLAY. @breakingbingo

Ogden Pet Cemetery. No words. Please copy this for my tombstone. Meet you at rainbow bridge.

KCRL 90.9 FM OR LISTEN LIVE AT WWW.KRCL.COM. 8:00-10:30 PM. Polyester Blend back at it again! CALL IN AT 800-359-9191 !!! Music

IT'S TUESDAY NIGHT THAT MEANS BINGO AT O'SHUCKS !!!! SLC O'Shucks (Main & 100 S) @ 9:00 PM. Over $1600.00 on the line!!!! I am hosting as always, free food, drinks, goofs and gifts as well. I will be channeling my inner Andy tonight!!! @breakingbingo

TUESDAY NIGHT BINGO IS HERE!!!!!! 9:00PM @ SLC O'Shucks (100 S Main St.). $1,500.00 ON THE LINE!!!!! As well as tons of prizes, drinks, food, and goofs. Stop what you are doing and enjoy your damn life.....with BINGO!!! @breakingbingo

Reporter Mama Schleg checking in live at the Wayne County, Ut #TRUMP rally. Donald was reportedly going to speak to his domestic and foreign police, for two hours has stood motionless and silent. His campaign manager said next he would "Grab the P......uite County's hearts and minds " at the next stop. Chilling stuff from the campaign trail

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