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Alina Rudya  Professional photographer & amateur comedian 🇺🇦Berlin based🇩🇪. @Alina_Rudya & @BellCollective

I've booked a wrong flight, my wallet got stolen in LAX, my baggage is missing, my SIM-card and driving license are lost - and I am jet-lagged on top of it:) And for some reason I am not even angry or frustrated.
As one wise man once told me: "you think you have a problem? Pffffft". PS I've brought a tripod all over to the USA so I could take this picture:)

I bet most of my followers are like - "try to find bright colors in that desert". Challenge accepted;)
The Monument House,designed by Josh Schweitzer - an excellent example of how contemporary architecture might fit perfectly into the surrounding desert landscape. My outfit - an excellent example how bright colors might fit perfectly to the surrounding desert landscape and architecture😉

For those of you who wonder about technical details - my favorite f2.8 70-200mm is used here together with an adapter on the Nikon Z7 mirorrless body.

On our current visit to the Horseshoe Bend we've noticed intensive renovations happening in the area and were informed that starting next year a fee will be imposed for the entrance to see the famous gorge of the Colorado river near Page, Arizona. They already built a viewing deck in the very middle. A bit pity for this place looks so authentic and wild but I guess this will help to take better care of the area.
PS Jan was holding me from behind when I took this picture, even though it wasn't particularly dangerous. Still knowing that people fall off the cliffs on a regular basis, one should always be careful - I saw parents posing with small unruly kids on the very edge as well as a guy taking a few steps back while posing for the gram. "A few steps more,a few more,a feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew..."

Temple of the sky.
Do you like brutalist architecture?

Can you spot an allosaurus in the distance?🦖😉
Jokes apart, this was the most amazing view (together with the Grand Canyon in the rain) 've ever seen. We had a bumpy ride on a dirt road for 30 miles, then walked for another 3 miles (5 km) to see lake Powell from above.
What I like about late fall-winter travel is how few people are visiting such places.
We were so lucky to have all this prehistoric beauty just for ourselves.

Looking like some rock album cover.

We arrived to the cypress tunnel juuuust after sunset and the tunnel looked dull.

But you know that the best colors come out after the sun is already gone, so lucky me - the bright orange and red hues appeared for a few seconds, lighting the cypresses just right. And then the light was gone for the night.

We skipped Yosemite this time because of the snow storms, but here is the iconic view from the last time we visited California.

PS in Vegas tonight. Black Jack or slots?;)

I am still a bit jet-lagged,going to bed at 8 PM and waking up early, but here is a short glimpse into our California trip so far (moving onto Nevada tomorrow). Have you been to San Francisco? It was really smoggy there last week but since yesterday the air cleared up and you are good to go!

I've been super busy in the past week and had no time to upload new pictures! And Sunday I am flying off to the US of A for 3 weeks! I will be on the road and don't know if I will find time to post often😅😅😅 So here you go, your favorite district of Kyiv,which,btw was flooded recently after a sewage collapse. Just to remind you all that I exist;)

I've returned from a short trip to the Ukrainian Carpathians and made a quick stop at the Tunnel of Love un Klevan on the way back.
There were no more leaves on the trees, forming the tunnel, but the sunset light was just perfect.
On my summer pictures from the place I saw many comments from people,who complained that they cannot get the same picture inside the tunnel or even claimed, that it was photoshopped.
🔍📷I am not going to give a full lecture on focal length and optics here,but here it goes:
You need a tele-lens to create the shallow depth of field and exaggerate the density of the trees in the tunnel. You can see it with the bare eyes as well, but I used the 70-200mm f2.8 for this picture at 200mm. Find the tiny random tourist guy in the picture,so you can figure out how far he actually stood. IMHO the best and the craziest shots here could be done with focal lengths starting from 300mm and up till 500-800mm. Mind though, these lenses can easily weight over 4 kilos and have a cost of a used car.

3 sisters.
A rainy memory from my short stay in Burano.

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