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소라카  league of legends ruined my life, so you can find me roaming korea doing doggy related things. my life in videos with my babe ⤵️


lazy ass weekend shit with the babeeee.

There is just something about a squishy face I can't resist. 😩💕💕

straight flexxxin' on em 🌱

look what mama got. excited to check out the hype.

missing my akali who is back in korea with her nanny. i wish traveling international with furbabies was easier.

here's a photo at the beach.

🌊☀️ on american soil for the first time in awhile. hello california, how are you?

I received such a sweet gift from one of my first friends here in South Korea. I feel like it is a rare occasion now a days for people to share their travels threw more than an instagram or facebook post. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your Thailand journey Tahmina, you are proof that bitches can also be thoughtful, and kind hearted. 😘❤️

✨ thank you all for all of the support you have showed me on my last post. the reactions from you all have got a girl shook to the core. ✨

This is my entry for the @katvondbeauty contest #LockitTransformation. Huge shout out to the babe for lending me his chest piece enabling me to enter this contest. Thank you to @katvondbeauty for hosting this contest. This was by far one of the most intricate cover ups I have ever taken on. Those lines are no joke, but I enjoyed every hour of it....every....HOUR.
For those of you curious on the logo detail. I sketched out the logo on paper first a couple times, cut it out, and stenciled it on. However, after doing the cover up portion, I found that I needed to go back over the finer details of the lettering. This was done with felt eyeliner. #kvdcontest #lockitrevolution

i thought getting pizza after the vet would cheer her up....nope. i think she still feels betrayed.


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