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Transitional thickness #tbt

When you’re just trying to catch an innocent locker room mirror selfie and someone has the audacity to be within 100 feet of you knowing how hard it is for you to make yourself take pictures even though you don’t want to so that you can be apart of the fitness industry’s new form of marketing.....jeez. Btw go buy @abafitness but only if you’re serious about your goals, using my shameless plug of a discount “ROYABA”

#transformationtuesday from the 2015 Mr. Olympia (where I didn’t go and see @ryanhinton) to the 2018 Arnold Classic, always take time to go and talk to @ifbbvictormartinez a true ambassador of the sport, down to earth, and is the embodiment of overcoming adversity in this sport

I went to nationals and all I got was this shirt #mondaymotivation

Easy like Sunday morning @bluedotdonuts

Back on my Captain America ish #flexfriday

(Grab your trousers Roy’s actually about to post something serious) A lot of people have a misconception of what being “flat” is, which refers to the depletion of glycogen stores in your muscles giving no “pop” to your physique. In this picture I’m only 2 days out of nationals at a very low body fat but there are no veins, no grains, my skin sags slightly because my muscles have literally decreased in size with no carbs (I was on zero carbs for a week when I took this picture) and in general just don’t look good. It’s all part of the process as the carb up almost immediately fixes this issue when done properly and makes you look buck nasty on stage. In this sport you really only need to look great for about 5 minutes, don’t ever forget that. Just trying to educate you peasants (there’s that witty charm everyone loves) #tbt

This little blue eyed Texas wild flower @melderefinko #wcw

Going over some old posing videos to see what I’m going to work on this week #mondaymotivation

#Repost @abafitness with @get_repost
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