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Congrats to my training program client @kpheebes for bringing home 3rd in masters bikini. She’s in the gym almost as much as I am and trains harder than most people I know #npcwarriorgames #bikini #prep

Congrats to my little bro @joshua.brunet.116 for winning his class last night in classic, easily one of the best posers in the state, always a fan favorite with his night show routines #npcwarriorgames #classicphysique #prep

#Repost @shliz_fit with @get_repost
I have never felt more confident, at peace, and genuinely happy with a package than this one right here. To get it out of the way: I placed 2nd in my open class, getting beat out by the @_melisazar_ who won the overall and she truly deserved it. With that being said, THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE IS NATIONALLY QUALIFIED. -
I am not one to complain, make excuses, or sulk in a negative mindset but the beginning of this prep had me at a loss. I refused to give up; educated myself, researched, and prayed if I was truly meant to go this route. 4 weeks out my prayers were answered after planning a leg day with @royfontenelle. No magic happened here, pure hard work and discipline but it made a huge difference. He put me in the ringer and I handled it with grace to completely transform myself in 4 freaking weeks. -
Next I want to thank
@ashleybmakeupartistry for totally rocking my makeup. @nicolegrace for hair. @lorisdance for always reminding me to make the right decision for myself. April “Boss Lady” for the incredible suits as always! @nick_tognietti for being my A1 #figure

@shliz_fit did a phenomenal job in her figure debut, threw the kitchen sink at her and she came through the fire. Big things coming in her future #npcwarriorgames #figure #prep #onlinecoaching

Disrespect the caterpillar, rave about the butterfly #flexfriday @olympiadagear

Good luck to everyone competing this weekend at #npcwarriorgames I’ll be at check ins if anyone needs anything. #tbt to when I won the overall last year in my prep for nationals @ryanhinton #teamlegacy

That time I convinced my wife to train at Red’s @melderefinko #wcw @granitesupplements @graniteambassadors

Evolution of my abs and thighs shot from my first show to my last #transformationtuesday

There’s levels to this @districtdonuts

Just trying to fill out this XXL, link in my bio for yours, catch the Olympia weekend sale @granitesupplements @graniteambassadors @mountaindog1 #MrOlympia

Open Snapchat and it reminds me I used to be skinny #tbt #225

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