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Sitting on a bench and twisting side to side will not get you abs.
Neither will V-sit Russian twists.
Just because you feel your abs burn, doesn’t mean you’re any closer to getting abs.
This post is not even about abs.
It’s about training the core, which includes the abs.
Notice the rotation in my legs 👀
It’s this rotation that makes it safe for my body to rotate side to side like that with a weight.
If you look at sport motions that involve rotational force- golf swing, baseball pitch and bat, you’ll realize there is synchronized movement throughout the entire body. From lower to upper body.

If you can balance this equation consistently, you will put your body in a position to win.
▪️lean body
▫️not get sick often
▪️positive mindset
▫️heal quickly from injury/soreness
▪️low resting blood pressure
▫️better at handling stress

Whether it’s pain or limited range of motion at the shoulder joint, the first place you should look at is the scapula.
How the scapula moves directly impacts how the shoulder joint moves.
If the scapula can’t go through it’s ranges of motion shown in the picture, OR if there is a mobility imbalance between these ranges, you’ll start to find problems at your shoulder joint.

TAKEAWAY- upper body warm ups should mobilize the scapula first before the shoulders.

DEADLIFT (ft. @pheasyque )
When done properly, the deadlift is a good exercise. Muscles of the feet, legs, hips, core, shoulders and arms are all used in every rep. It works toward strength and hypertrophy goals.
Here is the “but” part.
It doesn’t matter how perfect your form is, it’s a high risk stock, especially if you do sets until failure.
The reason is because we are lopsided, one side stronger than the other- beings. Contralateral.
That will always be true as long as we are right/left handed, right/left leg dominant.
Asking your body to lift a weight where left and right sides of the body are supposed to contribute evenly, until failure, is a set up for injury.

To sum up my thoughts..
I don’t believe any set of deadlifts should be done until failure.
If you are lifting a 10 rep failure weight, stop at 8 with perfect form.
If you are doing a 5 rep max weight, do 3 perfect ones.

MODERATE-HARD JUMPS (ft. @vinhfloresle )
Here’s another plyometric pair for you and your gym friend.
Working on the muscles of the legs, the responsiveness of the nervous system, and the elasticity of the myofascia.
If you feel this is too advanced, check back a couple of post for the “EASY-MODERATE JUMPS”


Tightness among the spine usually comes with a host of other symptoms. Neck pain, low back stiffness, rounded shoulders.

Try this TRX spine opener. This exercise plays on the relationship between the scapula and spine.
Action at the scapula and the arm (extension of the scapula) affects the positioning of the spine.
With this concept, we don’t necessarily have to target the actual spine to mobilize it, we can act on its neighbours which then acts on the spine.

No this is not your conventional gym exercise.
The answer to “what muscle are you working” is “not one, but many”.
Benefits include improvements in power and speed, neurosensitivity, muscle elasticity, fascial stability.
💡 💡 💡
The traditional muscle-bone model treats the body as individual muscle groups with individual functions. Truth is muscles in the body work as a collective.
This is an example as to how to train it as a collective.
So again, what muscles are involved? Turn to the planes of motion.
The lower body is moving in the frontal plane, so look up muscles of the legs that operate in frontal plane.
The upper body is moving in transverse plane, so look up muscles of the trunk/arms that operate in the transverse plane.

GOOD VS BAD SQUAT (ft. @pheasyque 🎨 )
❌ Notice two things here:
1- the collapse of the foot arch
2- the collapse of the knee
Although the word collapse sounds negative, it is NORMAL for the body to do that when we’re not squatting.
It allows us to be efficient and mobile (you’ll see it in day to day life).
But when we ARE squatting with weight, don’t collapse because it will damage the knees.
✅ The opposite is also true.
Squatting with a foot arch and the knees pushing outward is ONLY GOOD FOR SQUATING.
We don’t walk like that we don’t run like that we don’t stand or jump like that.

✅ Leaner and stronger 🍑 muscles
✅ Bone health (increase density)
✅ Fascial development (injury prevention)
Contrary to popular belief. Impact on the joints do NOT damage your bones and body (must be done properly and at the right amount depending on fitness level).
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✅ Couple things to consider when doing a good plank. Neutral spine positioning from neck to pelvis. If you can hold this straight position, it shows a good balance of muscle tension between muscles of the anterior and posterior chain during the plank.
❌ Notice there is a lack of alignment in the spine, and even a little bend at the knee. This slack across the body shows that there is an imbalance of muscle activation between front and back muscle-fascial networks.
🛠 To fix this, do the plank beside a mirror to check for positioning. Using a camera to film yourself is another good tool. Putting a weight on your low back and “resisting” it is a good way increase full body tension. Lastly if you have a workout partner, get them to watch you.

A man that don’t take care of his health can’t be rich

Deadlift☝️? Squat✌️? Neither👎?
Who you got and why? @sukushu

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