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To better understand scoliosis and corrective exercises that can fix it, lets first nail down the science.
Our spine position is a sum of all the pulling forces acting on it. These pulling forces come from connective tissue like our fascia, muscle and skin.
Scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis are all results of imbalanced tissue pulling against the vertebrae.
So let’s try to balance out these surrounding forces by turning up the under-engaged, and turning down the over-engaged with this exercise.
This is Segmental Rotation in supine position.
Order of rotation:
1. cervical spine
2. Scapula
3. Thoracic/lumbar spine
4. Pelvis
5. Hip/legs

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This exercise is called Wave Unload from the Animal Flow training systems.
Anatomically this exercise takes the body joint by joint through flexion and extension.

This is a corrective strategy @vinnierehab and I put together. The goal is to add stability to the shoulder joint to reduce pain and discomfort around the areas like the borders of the shoulder blade, upper traps, neck, and the shoulder joint itself.
In the personal training world we aim to reinforce something called “scapulohumeral rhythm”, which means a good functioning partnership between muscles of the shoulder blade and the arm (shoulder joint sits in the middle).

Great illustration by @pheasyque on pelvic positioning. The reason why this matters is because the pelvis has a direct relationship with the lumbar spine in the lower back. While you should have the ability to get into both anterior and posterior pelvic tilt positions, you don’t want to be in those positions when holding on to a heavy weight during strength training.

The Chef cooking up the “spiral line” with two handed cable swings. 👨‍🍳 @chefadrianniman

Throwing up 28kgs with my bro.

Walking and running causes continuous impact to the knees via our feet striking the ground with every step. This is normal. So let’s begin at the feet.
. . .
1) Shoes off- healing requires our brain to pick up information from the bottom of our feet. Shoes desensitize this process. The more padding you have the harder you need to strike your feet to get the same information @dremilydpm
2) Reset joints of the feet and ankles with a golf massage ball
3) Rewire foot brain-muscle connection with tippy toe calf raises
4) React with global walk/run movement patterns via single leg fascial priming. Running is literally jumping from one leg to another with every step, so train on one leg.

When the head - ribs - pelvis are aligned, it means the spine that is attached between them are in a straight posture. With a straight posture, it becomes both safe and effective to add weight and build strength.
Swipe right for video.

Flat feet and high arches can be improved.
At the start of this video I demonstrate both, showing you that they are just relative positions that we get in and out of.
If these positions can be controlled by muscle tension, it means that they can be controlled through voluntary muscle engagement.
If you’ve been stuck in either position too long, likely flat feet, it’ll take time to pull your feet into a more neutral posture, but with time and repetition it can be done.

Pairing exercises that target contrast body parts is a smart way to exercise. It’s time efficient, it balances our body’s mobility and tension.
Exercise 1 is a single arm landmine swing and press.
Exercise 2 is a single arm bench assisted row.

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