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Kristine♕  Be Fearless, Have Faith | INC | AFF writer&Lyricist.| Majoring In BS Psych | Pre- Med student > Med Student > Future Doctor

hey there.

awkward smile but hey, i made it!

APRIL 24, 2018
Philippine Arena

Glory be unto God. Nothing is impossible for with him, everything will be.
Kristine Joy Palisoc Corpuz
Bachelor of Science in Psychology

when you're not feeling the semestral break yet.

Annual Psychology Awards
The DLs and The PL. Marked March 17, 2017.

What you've worked hard for is something that no one can ever and will be able to steal from you.

to the days where we conquered and explored. a hello from the past to the present.

in the middle of uncertainties, you'll still find your way out, you'll still find a way to settle down.

this has got to be the busiest semester yet. it's been months, hello.

My kind of view last November 10, 2016 at exactly 13:07 PM.

"You were born by his purpose and for his purpose."

"a total of 3 months and 3 days" without posting anything and i'm just so out of it. blah blah blah. now burn baby burn~

📌 head up, sweetheart. you'll get there soon.

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