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he was wrong about you🌹  out of all the things ive lost, i miss my mind the most

when you were done with her
she became a wilted flower
in your garden full of roses
How was your Valentine's Day? My baby posted a picture of us on his instagram to be sweet but it turned into 180 comments harassing me🙃 What he did was still soso sweet though❤️ I got a giant teddy bear and him so this was by far the best Valentine's Day regardless😊

shes the girl who looks down
when you stare at her for a little too long
and turns away when you catch her looking.
shes the girl whose hair gets a little knotted
and whose smile isnt always real.
shes the girl who cries herself to sleep sometimes
and cares a little too much about what you say.
but shes the same girl who laughs
at all of your jokes-funny or not;
the one who will love you with every inch
of flesh inside of her.
shes the girl who will watch the stars
with you at night, and
ask how your day was when you come home.
shes the kind of girl youll find asleep
at 3am with a book in her hand;
the kind of girl who leaves your sweatshirt
smelling sweeter than before.

shes the kind of girl who will give you her heart; so please handle it with care.
(-Julie Martinez)

kiss her the way
you might kiss a cigarette
hold her on your lips
cup your hands around her
set her on fire
let her in and then
breathe her out
let her fill your lungs
let her tickle your heart
let her become the addiction.

your skin was made of soft velvet
and your lips were made of silk
with a smile blissfully hard to forget
no wonder he had to destroy your beauty
in the end, that's all you had left
it's 4:46AM and I'm still up because my ish boyfriend called me asking to come at my house get his bong out of my car and when he showed up his battery on his mom's car died and now he and his friend are stuck here to spend the night😂 I swear my life is like a movie

tu as fait pousser des fleurs
dans mes poumons
et même si elles sont belles,
je ne peux pas respirer

she acts like summer
and walks like rain
she tastes a lot like
dreams and heartbreak
feels a lot like hell
and echoes of
eternal bliss
-Natalia Vela (edited)

sex, drugs, rock and roll
speed, weed, birth control
life's a bitch
then you die
so fuck the world
and let's get high

she sits in the storm
and feels at ease
because the rain is better
than the mess inside her brain
an artist's creativity does not
flow in a room that
smells of cigarettes and
burnt candles
creativity flows the way her hair does
in the wind
creativity flows the way her lips do
against yours.
creativity flows in the middle of the storm

you are the air
blowing through the breeze
and hugging every inch of their skin
leaving behind goosebumps
for them to remember
the way you felt
when you were bare and raw
untouched and unseen
real and fragile
and then your lips met his
and suddenly everything changed
his deep brown eyes
ran across your skin
and gave you a thousand reasons
to run
but you didn't
you stayed
and darling,
that was your first mistake

she reminded him why storms
were named after people

im sick of the feeling
of wanting to rip my skin apart,
open my veins and
fill my empty stomach
with a bottle full of pills
or maybe even two,
just to numb the pain.

im nuts, baby, im mad,
the craziest friend that you've ever had
you think im psycho, you think im gone
tell the psychiatrist something is wrong
over the bend, entirely bonkers
you like me best
when im off my rockers
tell you a secret, im not alarmed
so what if im crazy?
the best people are