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Royal Brunei Airlines  The Official Instagram of the National Carrier of Brunei Darussalam. BetterFly Royal Brunei.

We love this video by @mmwcreative - what are you favourite things about Brunei? 😍

Regrann from @mmwcreative - We listed out the top 33 things we loved about Brunei. Is yours in our list? One of my favourites would definitely have to be the last one.

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In conjunction with Brunei National Day today and Brunei Gastronomy Week, we are introducing our favourite local flavours as one of our meal options!

For desserts on our regional flights, we introduce; Bubur si Bujang, a “Kedayan”(a Brunei ethnic group) dish made of rice flour and coconut milk. It’s long been a Royal favorite and we are certain it’ll be one of yours too!

Rain or shine, a true patriotism spirit from #TeamRB at #NBD33
betterfly Royal Brunei
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#TeamRB at #NBD33
Wishing every Bruneian a Happy National Day!

betterfly Royal Brunei

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Happy 33rd National Day Brunei from our Cadet Pilots intakes 45, 46 and 47 who are making us proud in New Zealand.

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Happy 33rd National Day Brunei!

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In conjunction with Brunei National Day tomorrow and Brunei Gastronomy Week, we are introducing our favourite local flavours as one of our meal options!
Those familiar with Brunei are definitely no strangers to the legend of Nasi Katok. In Malay, ‘nasi’ translates to rice while ‘katok’ means to knock. Years ago, there was said to be a Chinese woman who sold freshly made rice packet meals from the comfort of her home. One simply had to katok (knock) on the door to enjoy this Bruneian treasure. What is it exactly? A packet usually includes rice, sambal (chilli paste) and one piece of fried chicken. Today, you can spot Nasi Katok stalls on several streets and roadsides.
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#waybackwednesday to 3 years ago when we first introduced our Heritage Inspired Cabin Crew uniforms at the Brunei National Day parade.

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Left right left right!

Team RB is all hyped up and ready for the upcoming Brunei 33rd National Day parade

Photo from this morning rehearsal. Thanks @marul69 for the photo!


RB's A320 NEO in the colours of DPMMFC Away Jersey for the S-League 2017 season as Pesambah to HRH The Crown Prince.

Photo credit: @shahiruddin


Brett McDougall-EGM Sales & Marketing in his capacity as Acting CEO presenting a Pesambah to HRH The Crown Prince in conjunction with HRH 43rd Birthday celebration on 17th February.


Explore and discover the magnificent landscape of this stunning Scottish City. Nicknamed The Granite City, Aberdeen is also known for its many outstanding castles, parks, gardens and floral displays throughout the city, as well as its long, sandy beach.

RB has interline flights to Aberdeen with British Airways via London. Available for flights from Brunei.
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