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RoxythorPhotography  Usemy#Hashtag#roxythorphotography #portraits #unique #snakes #art #fashion #local #smile @hnroxythor @roxythoradventures @roxythorcreativeburns

Lil throw back when I shot with this beautiful soul I love this photo πŸ’—βœ¨πŸ’Ž Model @brandyblisss

If your not following your heart
Then u better back up a few steps and start πŸ’—
Please follow my self-portrait page @hnroxythor

Hike around downtown πŸΎπŸ“·
Lil throw back ✨

Model @nicolebrandz

I seen this guy on the side walk and moved him to the grass 🐾✨
Save wild life not kill it
#primantis #wildlife #dontkillwildlife #dontkill #insects

Monarch Butterfly
He's dead though :( found it on the ground today
Not the best photo 😏

I love this dog
If you haven't noticed Yet

It's a question I ask
How come I haven't met many males who enjoy getting there photo taken ???... Model Kevin

My dog Thor barks at the hose
To get sprayed

When you start noticing change
That means fall is on it way

I love my dogs
do you ?. Ever since I ordered this Paracord Dog gear I feel safe walking my pullers
Last 2 years I haven't had to buy anymore dog gear and still looks the same from when I bought it just a little and wash here and there

Do you have a big dog?. And sick of your leash and collar snapping
Well go over to @paracordpetsncustomcreations
Check out their 30% Sale Ends August 17th

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