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The adult in me is confident that I chilied my Thai-style pho to an appropriate level.

Barkley has insane toe hair! #couchiespoochies

Sunday morning dog fight in bed.

Does your librarian have purple hair?

Stuck under a big ol' pupper this after.
#couchiespoochies #newf #newfoundlanddog #newfiesurprise #muttsofinstagram

Good things came in the mail today... I was unaware that Canada Post delivered past 5 but it's 7:45 and I just got new reading material to enjoy in my chair.
Also pictured is the rest of the package deal: a 6" (maybe 7") coloured vinyl, a super rad beach towel that will be my official Rockfest towel, and a surprise anti-Trump sticker. I had requested the band sneezed into the towel prior to shipping, but there's no evidence to indicate that happened *sad face*

Lazy Sunday puppy love. 🐶❤️🐶❤️

It's been a long week, friends. But I came home to rad things in the mail ❤️❤️❤️

Hahahaha @wweaallday21
Badaboom realest fish in da room.

I do it to myself, I do... I have once again proven that I should not be in charge of chilli-ing of my own Thai style pho. #spicy