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Sleepy pupper

Look at this twerp making herself comfortable in my bed.
I'd be mad if she wasn't so gotdamn cute.
For the record, yes. My couch is currently my bed. One of the many reasons I hate moving.

@p00snipz totally forgot to post this!! Mobina Galore killing it opening for Against Me!

Rad jams on the way to work today. I'm almost tempted to get a subscription. #almost

Most servers drink water on shift, Thai food servers drink Thai iced tea. #fattymcfatfuck #onlyondayswhenwemakeanewbatch

The adult in me is confident that I chilied my Thai-style pho to an appropriate level.

Barkley has insane toe hair! #couchiespoochies

Sunday morning dog fight in bed.

Does your librarian have purple hair?

Stuck under a big ol' pupper this after.
#couchiespoochies #newf #newfoundlanddog #newfiesurprise #muttsofinstagram

Good things came in the mail today... I was unaware that Canada Post delivered past 5 but it's 7:45 and I just got new reading material to enjoy in my chair.
Also pictured is the rest of the package deal: a 6" (maybe 7") coloured vinyl, a super rad beach towel that will be my official Rockfest towel, and a surprise anti-Trump sticker. I had requested the band sneezed into the towel prior to shipping, but there's no evidence to indicate that happened *sad face*

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