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Roxetera  British YouTuber! Bisexual Princess 👑 #LGBT #overshare 🐦Roxetera 📹 👚MERCH:

This fluffy angel loves the camera just like her two mummies 😍❤️ Rose and I were gifted a Google Pixel 3 today and it has the BEST camera this is one of the first photos we took! Can't wait to get my moustache waxed and take hot selfies haha. Other Goss™️ is ROSE AND I ARE DOING VLOGMAS THIS YEAR!!! Also I have a bisexy vid AND a new mental health vid coming for you!
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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 🎃 I can’t believe our UK Overshare tour is over! It’s so weird being home and not living out of a suitcase. I miss takeaways every day, sleeping in the van, getting nervous in the evenings, listening to your reactions to the documentary! Answering your RIDICULOUS questions 😂 Now we’re home and have a room full of presents and letters! Thank you all so much for coming! Tour life is always the best life and you guys make that possible ❤️ Our Halloween Vlog goes live tonight at 10pm! If a hillbilly wrapping his hands around Rose’s throat is your kink I suggest you watch 😂😉 #overshare

An EPIC Halloween Vlog is coming for you!!! A HILLBILLY CLOWN PUT A CHAINSAW IN ROSES BUM 💀🎃🤡

A new video just went up on our vlogging channel about the premiere of our documentary #Overshare 💛 We’re vlogging the whole of our Overshare tour (the biggest tour we’ve ever done!) so get excited for that! I’ve got to say Rose and I are LOVING tour life! Today Dave brought us coffee to our rooms and took us for vegan milkshakes and then he stopped off to buy us blankets and pillows for our tour van! We’re loving being on the road, visiting new places, meeting all of you guys and the feedback we’ve had so far about the doc and the book! We honestly couldn’t be happier! I wuvs you guys so much! 💛💛💛 Thanks @iamtimchung for the beautiful photos! 😘

Celebrating publication day with my family ❤️ We spent about 18 months writing and finalising #Overshare and it was honestly such a journey. I still can’t believe we got to write a book! I always wanted to write one and now my dreams have come true. I’d like to thank each and every one of you who has followed us on our journey, without you none of this would have been possible. Thank you for all your continued support! I really hope we can give back with our videos, the book and the documentary! We always try to create content, in whatever form, that is authentic and with you in mind. I really think we’ve succeeded with this project. ❤️ BY THE WAY WE RELEASE THE DOCUMENTARY TRAILER TONIGHT AT 8PM!

Yesterday I went into Lush to get some moisturisers and the lady talked to me for ages and stroked my hand and gave me an extra item that she said was a “gift from her” and I still can’t tell if she was flirting or just really good at her job.

Rose and I are reunited ❤️ She bought me a bun-bun called Flopsie. I’m feeling a bit better and now she’s home we get to snuggle on our new sofa! Our house is slowly getting there, I can’t wait to show you all what we’ve done with the place! 💕

Ps I got new glasses!

Pps please ignore my lizard claw, I’m still recovering from my full body rash!

Oh hey. It’s me. If you don’t follow me on twitter you might not know that this photo could not be FURTHER from what I look like right now. Guys I had a rash, I thought it was hives. It got worse, it got infected, it spread like WILDFIRE and now my ENTIRE BODY IS PURPLE and yesterday my eyes were so swollen I could only half open them. Fun! Here’s a life update:
Being poorly means that I’m staying home with the fur babies while @roseellendix has gone to London to work for a week 😭 I miss her so much already and she only left a few hours ago! But the good news is, being poorly has given me loads of time to rest and get excited for everything we have coming up! It’s OFFICIALLY Autumn! HALLOWEEN IS AROUND THE CORNER! I can’t wait to carve pumpkins in our new home with Rose! Tour is soon! I’m so excited for you to watch our doc! I’ve had ideas for a new series on my channel and a new bisexy vid. SOON IT WILL BE XMAS THEN VLOGMAS. This little swollen purple balloon could literally not be more excited. Stay tuned for all that PLUS a FURNISHED HOUSE TOUR! Guys. My office chair is fluffy and pink. The curtains have flamingos. My rug is pink and sparkly. I hope you’re excited because I am! 💖

Celebrating my everything with everyone 💞


Good morning from a cosy blonde 🌤

Shout out to my absolute partner in CWIME @roseellendix for still possessing the mind-blowingly frustrating habit of being able to make me CRACK UP with laughter even when I’m SO ANNOYED WITH HER and she’s in trouble!!! This little frog is the best thing that ever happened to me!!! I’m obsessed with magic and this one makes magic REALITY. WHERE IS MY FWOPSIE ROSE?! I wuvs ❤️

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