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🌟Roxanne🌟  👻Roxannesjourney ⬇️ 70 lbs ❤️SAHM to 2 💪🏻 on a mission to get fit 🚫pills 🚫wraps Looking to inspire and be inspired

Loving this new program especially since it’s only 4 days a week and weekends are rest days 🙌🏻🙌🏻!! Woke up and got it done early before I had time to talk myself out of it!!! #liift4 #geterdone #mondaymotivation

Today’s early morning workout is done!! Today was shoulders and one move was so crazy that I had to drop my weights and do it with no weights at all 😰😰 I was a hot sweaty mess when I was done! Now time to go wash my hair before I can’t raise my arms above my shoulders lol #shoulderday💪 #onedayatatime #icanandwill #liift4

Happy Wednesday!! Just finished up a quick but very good stretch workout for my recovery/rest day today!! My muscles are so sore and that stretch felt amazing!!! Back to lifting weights tomorrow!! #happywednesday #liift4 #restdayfeels #accountabilitypost

A little late posting but I need the accountability so here is my post workout selfie from this mornings liift4 workout!! Tomorrow is rest day so I will be doing one of the stretch workouts because my muscles are sooooo sore!!!

Back at it!! I may not be able to move later but it will be worth it in the end lol. #mymuscleshurt #everythinghurtsandimdying #backatit #gymhairdontcare #magicmonday

I have been doing B4LIIFT4 for a few weeks now but today was Day 1 of the official program!!! I love to lift weights and feel great after I lift so this program was right up my alley!!! Today’s workout did not disappoint!! My arms have been shaking since the second set and I finished this workout about 20 minutes ago!! Looking forward to working out only 4 days a week with weekends as my rest days!!! #doingthisforme #igotthis #gettingmygrooveback #liift4 #letslifttogether #iworkoutforweekends

I’m really loving this new program!! 20 minutes and I’m done with my workout!!! Also 20 minutes and my entire body is shaking from lifting!!! I LOVE the feeling after a great lift session!! I can’t wait for this entire program to release!!! #b4liift4 #liift4 #dontwatchmejoinme #onedayatatime #healingfromtheinsideout #letsdoittogether

This mornings workout was shoulders and arms and holy Hannah I am going to be sore AF tomorrow!!! I really started challenging myself this week and using weights that are heavier then I have been using and I could definitely feel that it is paying off!!! I miss lifting and I’m so glad that I decided to give it a go again!!! #liift4 #shouldersandarms #liftheavier #believeinyourself #igotthis💪 #doingitforme

Wednesday’s, Saturday’s and Sundays are rest days on the LIIFT4 schedule so I decided to do a little cardio today and break out one of my favorite dance programs! #countryheat #dancethecaloriesoff #dancelikenooneiswatching #havefunworkingout #doingitforme #igotthis

Day 2 of B4 LIIFT4 is done!! Today was 50/50 legs and I know I will be feeling that later! One of the things I think I will love most about this program is that it is only 4 days a week and 30-40 minutes a day!!!!! That means tomorrow is a rest day!! Woot woot!!! I am so excited for the entire program to release next month!! #b4liift4 #liift4 #iworkoutbecauseican #doingthisforme #igotthis #sodoyou #dontwatchmejoinme #letsdothistogether

I have been getting back into my workout mode for the past couple weeks and I have really missed it!! Today I decided to start lifting again! LIIFT4 was released this morning for early access vip and after day 1 I can tell this is just the program I have been craving!!! .
As I am coming up upon my 1 year anniversary of my back injury, I am really focusing on continuing to heal! These workouts and focusing of core and back strength are truly helping me. I am going to be hosting a challenge group starting June 25th and I would love to have 5 women at most join me! If you interested in learning more about my groups, comment below with a 💪🏻 or send me a PM and I will send you all the details! .
It’s time to get back to it and continue to work on healing from the inside out!!! 💪🏻💪🏻 #Iworkoutbecauseican #healingfromtheinsideout #onedayatatime #igotthis #sodoyou #letsdoittogether #dontwatchmejoinme #liift4

Woke up feeling like 💩. Busy morning so far with work and meetings, so workout will have to wait until after I get home from my afternoon shift! Until then I am filling up on my superfoods to try and kick this cold to the curb. 😷🤧 #operationfeelawesome

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