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🌟Roxanne🌟  👻Roxannesjourney ⬇️ 70 lbs ❤️SAHM to 2 💪🏻 on a mission to get fit 🚫pills 🚫wraps Looking to inspire and be inspired

Woke up feeling like 💩. Busy morning so far with work and meetings, so workout will have to wait until after I get home from my afternoon shift! Until then I am filling up on my superfoods to try and kick this cold to the curb. 😷🤧 #operationfeelawesome

It is definitely time to get back to it!! #operationfeelawesome

Using my air fryer for the first time tonight!! Who has one? What are your favorite things to make in them?! #airfryer #recipeswanted

Omg this is a picture of 4 of my 5 meals today and they were sooooo good!!!! I felt like every time I turned around I was eating!!! Love all the food I get to eat on this meal plan!! #eatallthefood #givemeallthefood #foodie #80dayobsession #notadiet #getobsessed #gethealthy #eathealthy

Booty workout is DONE!!! My booty is on 🔥🔥!!!! I didn’t realize until I was almost done with the workout that I used the blue band for almost all of the moves (blue band is the hardest of the 3!!)!!! Well let me tell ya by 45 minutes in I was all OMG I don’t remember my booty hurting this much the first time I did this workout..... thank you blue band!!! Now to see if I can walk later!!! #80dayobsession #supportandaccountability #bootyday #booty🍑 #workthatbooty #day2inthebooks #letsdothis #getobsessed #gethealthy

I can plan out each day, but each day rarely goes as planned. Today was supposed to be an evening workout because my Tuesday schedules are INSANELY busy. But I went to work this morning and my baby girl got sick 😷 😢 so we came home. No gymnastics, no school, no volunteering in my little guys class 😢😢. So I am adjusting my schedule to get my workout in before I have to leave for work again this afternoon. The only thing I can do is Keep On Smiling and drink my preworkout!! T-15 minutes until I press play! #preworkoutselfie #80dayobsession #igotthis #supportandaccountability #getobsessed #gethealthy

Workout is DONE!!! I couldn’t wait to finish this workout just so I could have my recover 🤣🙊🤣!!! This workout was TOUGH and knowing that I had my recover back to drink after made it a little less “painful” 😉! Recover tastes like chocolate milk and really helps so that I don’t get super sore muscles!! I know I worked them hard today so I have to take care of them so I can work them again tomorrow!! Now to eat all the food today!!! (Seriously I feel like there is sooooo much food to eat on this meal plan !!). #80dayobsession #day1isdone #supportandaccountability #mondaymadness #mondayworkout #nevermissamonday #backontrack #igotthis

Preworkout is in!! T-15 minutes until I press play on some 80 day obsession!!! #bringitonmonday #80dayobsession #mondaymadness #mondayhustle #getobsessed #gethealthy

Meal prep is complete!!! As you probably already know I totally fell off my plan like 2 weeks ago and have felt like 💩💩 since. Soooo yesterday I spent some time planning for my week ahead and making my shopping list!! This morning (after my fabulous husband cleaned the driveway from yet another nice amount of snow last night), I went shopping and then prepped!! I have prepped everything apart from dinners!! This is the first time I have ever prepped my breakfast 😬. Well I am definitely prepared for a successful week!! 💃🏼 Here is to starting my 80 day obsession phase 1 tomorrow!!! #igotthis #mealprepsunday #getobsessed #gethealthy #allthisfood #supportandaccountability #80dayobsession

Day 8 workout is in the books!! I was still really sore from last weeks workouts and so I had to push myself really hard today, especially during the 3rd round 😩😭 but it’s all going to be worth it in the end 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻!!!! #letgetfittogether #getobsessed #gethealthy #80dayobsession #wecandothis #wegotthis #supportandaccountability #day8isdone #healthyishappy

Meal prep complete! I prepped all of my post workout meals and my fruits and veggies! My pre-workout meals I cook on the spot as they are eggs and I personally like them freshly cooked! I also don’t prep my dinners as I make those daily either in the crockpot or at dinner time! Who else prepped for a successful week ahead?! #80dayobsession #mealprepsunday #mealprep #mealpreplikeaboss #cleaneats #eatingclean #gethealthy #getobsessed

This fabulous Sunday mornings workout is done! Today is a rest day which means a stretch day! I did roll and release and it felt 🙌🏻 AMAZING 🙌🏻!! I used my foam roller and focused on all my muscles that were extremely sore from the last week of workouts!! I feel relaxed and stretched out and ready to start a new week tomorrow morning!!! #80dayobsession #selfcare #foamroller #foamrolling #takecareofyourself #wecandothis #wegotthis #supportandaccountability #letgetfittogether #gethealthy #getobsessed

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