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Roxanne Cambridge  A little bit of fashion, beauty and fitness 💕 Wifey / Mama + Expecting baby no. 3 Events: @thegoodbrunch_ QLD, Australia YouTube: Roxanne Cambridge

I have so much fun playing with new outfits while pregnant. Sometimes I will find something that just makes me feel so amazing and like I can take on anything! It’s funny how clothing or makeup can do that for you - It can give you that extra little boost of confidence which changes your entire outlook on the day! It can take time to gain confidence, and I have practices I do every day to gain more self confidence. Taking the time to put on my makeup in the morning, and fix up my hair; trying something new like and getting out of my comfort zone; or listening to my favourite podcasts; all contribute to my daily practice of becoming more confident within myself - But the biggest thing, is being honest with myself and knowing I deserve that self care and confidence, and working towards that happiness every single day ❤️ #22w5d #pregnancy

Bumpday 💖 #22w5d

Still on cloud nine after @thegoodbrunch_ on Saturday ☁️✨
I just wanted to give a super quick shoutout to everyone who supported the event and came along - I seriously couldn’t be more motivated to keep creating the events and making them better for you! Seeing all you girls chat, laugh and socialise over the amazing food makes all the planning, and work sooo worth it! Extra special shoutout to my main @jacksonrayne for listening to me stress about it, and my girl @_clauds_smith for always helping me so much bts ❤️ Thank you to @mrjonesandmenoosa for being AMAZING and making the whole event run so smoothly - The food and service was incredible as always, and you’ll always be one of my fave places to dine!
I also wanted to thank all the amazing businesses who contributed to the gift bags (last pic to see what was in the gift bags!) - The girls absolutely LOVED them! And thank you to the brands who contributed the prizes - one of the girls won a $150 voucher for @oceanzen_bikini, and another won @aura_eve booty loops; and another one got a @thewingeyeliner to try out 😊! So that’s pretty much it, but I am so grateful for all your support and love, and for those of you thinking of coming to the next one - I definitely encourage it! All the girls are there for exactly the same reason, and we would all LOVE to meet you ❤️
🍰 @rosebedandfinch
💁🏻‍♀️ @locksbylucy
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Truth is this photo was super difficult to take - We wanted one photo without Zeke with the dummy in his mouth and in most of the photos he’s screaming for it; and Emerald was throwing up gang signs.. so this is the best we got 😂 But for those who didn’t see our gender reveal video, baby number 3 is a boy! 💙
Thank you so much for all the love, I’m sorry it took me so long to announce - I wanted to make a cute video but last minute changed the idea and obviously didn’t work out how I imagined 😂 that’s just life right! But I hope you enjoyed the video anyway. Now off to start shopping!
Ps, The link to our gender reveal is in my bio! 😘
#genderreveal #itsaboy #familyof5

We have like 4 months left I’m freaking out lol 👶🏻 #22w3d

It’s a....
We are so excited to finally share with you what we’re having, but sorry we aren’t a perfect Insta fam and the video didn’t go exactly as planned 😂
Link to the full video in my bio 🙈
(Omg if you know from YouTube don’t ruin it for everyone else! 😂❤️)

Another amazing @thegoodbrunch_ done! Thank you so much to all the beautiful women who came along ❤️ It was so great spend the morning seeing some familiar faces, and meeting some new girls too! I’ll post some photos of the day soon, I’m sure got the best shots 😉
Thanks to @runwaycloset_aus for saving my butt last minute with this dress! Totally not my regular style but I actually fell in love with it when I tried it on 🙌🏼 #runwayclosetaus #thegoodbrunch #22w1d

| 22 WEEKS 🤰| This week has been great! I am feeling so much movement and it sometimes makes me stop in my tracks, like wow this baby is getting stronger. I’ve been feeling a little more tired and getting more lower back pain, I expect nothing less 😂 I do feel like I may be getting sick again which is kind of annoying, but I’ll be loading myself with extra green to try and dodge it hahaha. This week I seem to be craving red apples quite a bit, like I don’t wanna stop eating them ever. But I only want the crunchy ones.
Still working out, still eating well 😊 Definitely looking for the chocolate though.. My skin is starting to clear up thanks to getting peels, led light therapy and over the last 2 days I’ve noticed a massive difference using new skincare! I have also got a pram which I’ll share with you once it arrives and why I chose it, but I’m so excited for it 🎉 Been super non-stop this week but I love it that way 👌🏼 Overall, feeling fantastic 😊 #22weekspregnant #bumpdate

Here’s me creating the look from my previous post - I have so much fun doing these little videos!
Let me know if you liked this look 😘 I have so much fun playing with my makeup, and trying new products - This is what I love to do in my spare time hahaha. I get to be creative! What do you do that gets you feeling creative? 🎨
Products used:
Eyes: @morphebrushes 35N palette, @vanit_official mineral colour crystals “forged gold”, @thewingeyeliner standard 10mm, @toofaced better than sex mascara, @ponicosmetics mane stain “thoroughbred” (brows) 👀
Face: @lorealmakeup true match foundation, @maybelline fitme concealer, @meccamaxima “enlightened from within” illuminating balm, @toofaced ethereal setting powder, @toofaced dark chocolate Soleil matte bronzer, @calvinklein blush “mellow wine”, @beccacosmetics highlight “champagne pop”, @lorealmakeup infallible fixing mist 💁🏻‍♀️
Lips: @lucaspapaw ointment, @maccosmeticsaustralia satin lipstick “mocha” 💋

I need new lipsticks.. All of mine are like different versions of the same colour 😂 My all time fave is Velvet Teddy by Mac (absolutely) or @samandcarter in Landon - Wearing Mocha by Mac in this one because Zeke found my lipstick and thought it would look cute all over his body 🤦🏻‍♀️ Comment your fave lip colours/brands below! 💋 (Also just needed throw this in here, how fun is the new questions thing on Instagram stories!)

Seriously diggin’ at home workouts lately; I still get my exercise in with my bubbas having their breakfast or just running around 👊🏼 Such a massive fan of these booty loops and the booty bands from @aura_eve for my home workouts !!! (Also if you’re attending @thegoodbrunch_ you may just be a lucky winner of a pair of them!) They add resistance to my workouts and I love getting super creative with the bands. Being active and exercising used to be such a pain in the butt for me; but I didn’t enjoy it! So I tried a few things and found types that I really enjoy and find sooo much fun. So play around, and find something you enjoy! Maybe it’s yoga, or Pilates; crossfit or hiit; maybe rock climbing, dancing or surfing - But give something new a try 😊 I love high intensity workouts incorporating weight 👌🏼 How do you like to stay active? 💃🏻🤸🏻‍♀️🏋🏻‍♀️🏄🏼‍♀️ #21w5d #pregnancyworkout

Emerald asked me who was crying on my shirt, and I told her it was Kim K. Then she asked me why she was crying, and I told her it was because she dropped her earring in the ocean, and Em said “yeah I know how that feels”. Emerald doesn’t have her ears pierced. But how’s that for empathy from a 4 year old 😂 Don’t you just love the things that kids say.. have your kids ever said anything that actually shook you? Like really made you think “wow you’re kinda turning into a real person!” 😆 #21w4d

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