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ROXANNE GAN  @shapesingapore SHAPE Fit Girl 2018 @nutrifirst <ROXANNE5> @yolofoodsg -10% ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Farmers & Healers Market ✨
In collaboration with @spaesprit, @openfarmcommunity transforms its garden and alfresco deck into the first-ever and one-of-kind Farmers and Healers Market.
From 10am-6pm, expect atmospheric tunes, gastronomical delights (satay, tao sa bao, cold brew, wine and sangria etc), and energy healing workshops, to revitalise both the body and mind. Not to forget I’m gonna do outdoor yoga together with my Husband (He loves Yoga and anything with energy healing.)
What I’m really interested in is @spaesprit’s Emotional Positioning System (EPS). Lately I’ve been feeling very lethargic and restless, and my energy has been pretty low.
EPS will help discover my bioenergy levels, recognise and visualise my energy weaknesses. In turn, @spaesprit can help customise treatments (massage/ facial with essential oil + vibration healing session) to balance my energy centres. It’s something really new to me and I definitely want to learn more about it.
Is anyone else going??? ☺️
If yes see you at 2pm Yoga!
#FarmersAndHealers #SpaEsprit #OpenFarmCommunity
PC: @nknds

Chin Up ✨
For the longest time ever I was never able to hang from a bar, bend my elbows let alone be able to pull myself up. I knew that I needed to start Calisthenics with @firdaus_streetstrength at That was in Jan this year.
The first 2 months were really tough and I remember days where I couldn’t sleep cos of the severe muscle ache. Then with Crossfit I started becoming stronger- thanks to barbell lifting- and my body was finally ready to do a pull up.
I’m not very good at it I can only manage one but my point is...
If Roxanne can do this, you got this too 💪🏼
At 50kg I wasn’t able to hang. Now at 54kg I can do a pull up. What sorcery is this? 😛
#practiceandalliscoming #patienceisavirtue #calisthenics #fitnessjourney #functionalfitness
#triplefit #triplefitsg #YouUnlimited

The past few weeks have been pretty tough trying to figure things out but don’t all of us go through this as well? The longest journey is indeed the journey inward. And I thank Yoga for keeping me sane.
#loveandalliscoming #yogapractice #yogajourney


Gracias @miryam_acosta for forcing me here to experience the pain you’re obsessed with😂. These 5 months have been kinda fun challenging both my mind and body but worth it in so many ways. I wouldn’t have ever imagined myself doing this in my life because I was scared of failing and looking bad. Ego game was strong.
And of cos @richmondloo for showing me what your life is about. Coaches are great and life there is always better with friends who have your back and are more than happy to suffer together.

what is the greatest lesson a woman should learn
that since day one
she’s has everything she needs within herself
it’s the world that convinced her she did not
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Over the years of teaching Yoga, I’ve learnt so much about myself and it never ceases to push me to be a better version o myself. Be it a student on the mat or a teacher standing in front of everyone, I AM:
1. Dedicated
2. Passionate
3. Confident
What about you?
Share them with me: post a selfie/ a picture of yourself and insert 3 words about yourself. Tag me, @avedasingapore #knowwhatyouremadeof, and 3 lucky winners will be selected to take home 6 months worth of Daily Hair Repair of 100ml.
Contest ends 14 Aug 2359h.
Looking forward to your entries 💗
@avedasingapore #AvedaSG
#CelebrateYou #HairGoals #HairCare
#yogaeverywhere #yogagram #yogainspiration

I try to stretch my quads everyday because it’s always very stiff! When I’m really really sore and tight, option 4 is the max I can go and the stretch can be pretty deep. As much as we love our hip openings and stretches, don’t forget to give our quads some love. Hold for as long as you can? 😬
#yogapractice #foxyroxyyoga

The Spine is the Gateway to Health.
I am so lucky to have crossed paths with my Chiropractor, Dr Albert at Crossfit. He does a really good job at releasing muscle tension based on the workout we do, and tells me what I need to look out for when I perform certain movements ie. tilting my left hip forward slightly before I squat.
But the main reason I see him at is to work on my neck. In the long term the loss of curve in my neck can potentially lead to more pain and problems; it’s not too late to start working on it now. I used to get really bad headache and nausea due to neck pain but not anymore since treatment.
A lot of you have asked questions bout my condition and Dr Albert is very kind to answer them- check out my igtv ☺️
#healthiswealth #spinehealth #allwellscoliosiscentre
#scoliosis #chiropractic #chiropracticadjustment

✨🎉🎁 GIVEAWAY 🎁🎉✨
@coocacasg Milo Dino Soft Serve 😍

This is so good! How can Singaporeans not love everything bout Milo?! I still remember the days where everyone in school was always looking forward to the Milo trucks arriving on Sports Day.
Only valid for the month of August to celebrate Singapore’s 53rd birthday. Also I would love to give away this cup of goodness to 3 of you here.
All you have to do is:
1. Like this post.
2. Follow @coocacasg & @roxanne_yoga.
3. Tag your friends! The more the better x

The 3 winners will be announced on 9 Aug 2359h ❤️
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Sunday ❤️
Saturday: work work work y eat whatever I want for the whole day.
Sunday: My only off day.
The only thing I wanna do in the morning is eat breakfast and workout.
My dad brought home a kitten yesterday and I am looking forward to seeing her later when I go home ❤️❤️❤️
What’s your favourite thing to do on a Sunday?
@vivreactivewear #vivreactivewear

Hey Police
Catch us!

My body is made of exercise, moving and mindful meditation, good food, and naturally-derived products used.
EXERCISE: improves your mood as the body releases endorphins that help bring about feelings of euphoria and general well-being.
MEDITATION: teaches you to slow down and breathe deeply, helping your body and mind relax.
EAT well to nourish your body. I love quinoa! Do you know that quinoa helps repair damaged hair? Having my favorite quinoa from @yolofoodsg.
USE naturally-derived ingredients products for your hair. Chemicals (parabens, petrolatum, formaldehyde & synthetic fragrance) found in most hair products can actually cause more harm to not just your hair but your body as well. I choose Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair that is made of 98% naturally-derived ingredients (quinoa, soy and macademia), friendly to the body and helps combat damaged hair.
How do you take care of yourself?
#loveandalliscoming #selfcare #yolofoodsg
#CelebrateYou #HairGoals #HairCare
#avedasg @avedasingapore

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