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The journey isn't about becoming a different person, but loving who you are right now.
Growing up, I cared about what people thought of me and I just wanted to please everyone I could. It felt like I needed their opinions to validate my life. Probably that's the biggest reason why I was unhappy... because I was always trying to be someone else, afraid to live my life.
That was something I wanted to change, and practicing yoga has taught me self-acceptance, and to be comfortable with who I am. Not everyone is gonna like me and I'm fine with that because the right people in my life will stay and support me. Staying true to myself and being who I am right now have helped me so much with self love, and in loving my life.
Live your life, not others' πŸ’—
πŸ“·: @khaikitt
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Live simply
Love generously
Learn constantly

Kicking up the wall to get into handstand might not be accessible to everyone. I remember struggling to kick the legs up when I started learning to handstand and it was just impossible. This method of getting up into handstand against the wall has worked for me, helping me overcome fear and build strength overtime. It helps me focus on engaging my core a lot more.
So if you're struggling with your handstands, try this method and see if it works. When you're upside down, try holding 5 breaths for each part. Remember, keep pushing your hands away from the ground to prevent your upper body from collapsing.
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If you're struggling with Eka Pada Bakasana Flying Crow, check out my latest tutorial for modifications and tips to help prepare your body to take flight.
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Kinda sad cos I missed the 9am tabata class cos of the heavy traffic this morning but it's ok... I'll make it up with good food :) (I eat @wafuken all the time whenever I go to the gym @purefitnessofficial. So if you're gonna go for yoga/ to the gym, check out my fav place for lunch.)

I don't believe in starving myself or cutting down on the amount of food I eat when I'm trying to get leaner. It's just NOT sustainable in the long run. I did that before, lost weight but gained 10kg in 8months. Instead I choose to eat healthier, eating good carbs (brown rice instead of white) and lots of protein to feed my body so my muscles can recover faster and my body can get stronger. A lot of you have been asking me how to reduce lose weight or to reduce belly fat and I can really say it's what you eat, and I'm gonna prove it to you.
So for the last two weeks I have been feeding my body a lot of junk, cutting down on my workout, and i definitely did gain some weight because my clothes didn't fit that well. On Monday, I started cutting down on junk and processed sugar, and ate bigger portions of carbs and protein for lunch and dinner. I'm gonna do this for 10days and see how that's gonna change my body and energy level. Will show you a 'before and after.' A big thank you to all who suggested healthier snacks to eat!!! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the results of better eating.
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is one of the most challenging arm balances and it took me a long time to get it. The shifting of the weight to one arm and placement of the knee are crucial in helping you take flight. I teach this all the time because it's one of the arm balances in the Rocket Yoga sequence.
For a start you can try modifying your flying crow by having one forearm down to help create stability, but maintain them shoulder-width apart. You gotta keep pushing away from the ground to prevent your upper body from collapsing.
Then try pulling one knee into your chest from bakasana crow pose. Do your best to keep your hips high, and feel everything hugging in toward the midline as you squeeze heels to butt.
Common mistake is starting with the body & butt too low. So walk feet in and rest your knee on the meaty part just above the elbow. Start with your hips high!
The rest is the same technique as learning the modified flying crow, and it's really a matter of time, patience and practice to get to the final expression of the pose. If you find yourself collapsing all the time, really push away from the ground and you'll see how much difference it makes!
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I can't remember the last time I really had Monday Blues. In fact it has been one of my favourite days so far because I get to spend quiet time with myself.
For the past month, I kept giving in to my cravings and I completely lost control when it was the weekend, eating whatever I wanted with absolutely no control. I felt so restless and sluggish everyday I skipped gym all the time, and I constantly felt tired.
So today I woke up and told myself I'm gonna be disciplined, eat healthier foods, go to the gym and start training again to reset my body so I can have more energy.
What type of snacks do you eat when you're craving for junk food? I love almonds, fruits, and fruit & nut mix as healthier alternatives but if there's anything yummy you know, please share them with me πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
#mondaymotivation #loveandalliscoming

Ready for the new week??
Lately I've been getting more core classes and I know many of you have a love-hate relationship with it and me! 😬
Core avec moi @pureyogaofficial Chv
Mon 12pm
Tue 1215pm
Wed 615pm
Ps. Please use a yoga mat!
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This 3 part Hips sequence is perfect for tight hips and stiff back! I added in a twist in Sequences A and C on top of the hips stretches, and it just made my practice feel more complete. My body just felt so amazing and relaxed after finishing this sequence. Definitely my go-to stretches when my hips feel super tight!
Hold the hip stretches for 1-2mins
Twist about 5-10 breaths
Repeat on the other side
#foxyroxyyoga #practiceyogachangeyourworld

I use blocks to help me stretch and open up my body- check out my tutorials in my page and you'll see I use them quite often in many different ways.
Here, I use them to assist my lolasana because this pose is hard! Next, I use the block(s) to practice 'floating' into forward bend. They trick my mind and help me get my legs and hips over for the 'float' to happen.
Start with one block, and choose a height that works for you to begin. Once you start getting a hang of it, challenge yourself with a new height. So whenever I practice now, I imagine myself hopping over them.
There are so many ways to practice a pose or transition and it's great to keep an open mind to find a method that suits you. Yoga is not just about achieving a flexible body, it's about creating a flexible mind as well.
#foxyroxyyoga #practiceandalliscoming
I miss my days in @pureyogaofficial Shanghai meeting old friends, making new friends, practicing my mandarin and teaching in mandarin in my last class! I have so many nice things to say about Shanghai- hope to visit again soon!
Beautiful #muralart by the talented @urbanheart πŸ’œπŸ’™

Where should my knee be in Pigeon Pose?
Make sure you place the knee to the back of the wrist, and the back leg extends straight to the back. Lifting your chest helps your spine lengthen and I like to add in a little backbend in the upper back to energise my body before folding forward. Make sure no pain in front knee!
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Rolling the inner thigh in before extending the leg to get into Compass Pose.
A lot of people find it hard to extend the leg once the thigh is over the shoulder, and at one point everything just feels uncomfortable, awkward and painful. So do these:
1. Lean forward
2. Roll inner thigh in: knee points toward you
3. Extend leg and once you get there,
4. Push arm into thigh & lean back
5. Lengthen spine by lifting the chest.
Hope this helps!
#foxyroxyyoga #practiceandalliscoming

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