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From almost closing my instagram account to reaching a 100K followers in half a year. How?!?!?!
I certainly do not have an account with the most beautiful and fanciful poses but I genuinely love and want to share what I know and do best in my life.
Do I feel that Instagram has changed me?
Well I’m definitely still the same person as before but IG has given me the courage to dream, and be bold enough to step out of my comfort zone to continue challenging myself. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!
Thank you all for being here and inspiring me ❤️
#loveandalliscoming #practiceyogachangeyourworld

Power Rest Neck and Shoulder Massager
Recently I’ve been so dependent on my cordless and portable massager that I got from @miuvoshop. It is my life saviour, especially after a long day at work, or an extremely tiring session at the gym- you have no idea how sore my muscles usually are!
I love how it is so easy to use, and to carry around because it is very light. Every charge lasts 90 minutes and now I can get a massage at the convenience of my own home! It’s definitely great for releasing tension in my shoulders, neck, back and even hamstrings!
Miuvo Power Rest Neck and Massager is available at all Giant Hypermarkets. For more information about the product, visit miuvoshop.com.sg

Remember my Expectation vs Reality post? This is how you can turn reality to expectation :) Some of you mentioned that it was a struggle to lift the collapsing hip off the ground- I suggest sliding a block under the hip to help maintain balance and stability. Hope this video helps! Remember, you gotta practise to become better in your yoga journey. (Miracles don’t happen overnight.)
Now you can start practising your Mermaid Pose 🙏🏼💗
#foxyroxyyoga #practiceandalliscoming #mermaidpose

Until you spread your wings you will have no idea how far you can fly 💗
#loveandalliscoming #spreadyourwings

You know... Fitness has never really been my thing and I only got into it recently. My legs are weak, my arms are weak and it’s always so challenging all the time but I guess that’s the whole point of it? Especially when @chanfanglynn and I get badly #ivanised. Gym makes me feel weak and that I’m not strong enough. My squats aren’t the best. My box jumps suck ( I land in a yogi squat 😂) because I have no strength in my legs to jump 😂 BUT that doesn’t stop me from trying and becoming better because looking back I wouldn’t imagine myself walking into a gym to workout. The form is not the best but it’s the same as my yoga journey, poco poco and I know I’ll get stronger and better. One day I’ll look back and see how far I’ve come. Always feel empowered when I have my Sister-in-love @miryam_acosta by my side to push and motivate me.
#foxyroxyyoga #thesweatlife #gymmotivation #gymtime

This week we will focus on the Pigeon series, from setting it up, and working into Mermaid Pose. Don’t worry, I have already made a video tutorial on getting into Mermaid Pose, which will be up soon, so you can turn reality into expectation in no time! ☺️
#foxyroxyyoga #practiceandalliscoming #mermaidpose

Eyebrows on fleek, 24/7.
All thanks to Brow Resurrection Ombre from @browhaussg, I can now ditch my brow pencil aside, and have perfectly groomed, filled and shaped eyebrows, all day, everyday!

@browhaussg is running a promo now for Brow Resurrection Full/ Ombre. You can go to any outlet, quote ‘Roxanne Gan’ and get 10% off with FOC Aftercare Kit.
Valid for new BR customers, till 30 Nov.

#BrowGameStrong #BRbyBrowhaus #Browhaussg

Always love hanging out with you, talking about anything & everything in life, and doing silly things together.
Thank you for the amazing friendship & sisterhood.
📷: @apple iPhone 8 Plus #shotoniphone

On the right is a step-by-step guide. Start: The front knee points out and the back leg straight to the back.
When the legs and core are not active, the body will collapse to the side. Correct it by pressing the outer front foot and shin down, pushing down into the fingertips to roll away from the butt cheek. Now, start hugging the inner thighs into the midline to create energy in the legs and core. Draw the outer hip of the front knee back and the one of the back leg forward to square hips.
Prevent the lower back from collapsing by lengthening the tailbone down as you hug the inner thighs in, drawing the front ribs into the back body. Keep pressing fingertips down to lengthen from lower back, lift side body & chest.
There should be no pain in the front knee when you attempt this pose but if that happens, try Cow-faced pose or Thread-The-Needle instead.
#foxyroxyyoga #practiceandalliscoming #pigeonpose

Visited one of Singapore’s Heritage Sites, Church of Our Lady of Lourdes with @ofoinsingapore.
I love the #ofobike because it has adjustable gears, is lightweight, and has a cute basket which I can put my bag in it when I ride. Travelling from one place to another has never been easier!
Head over to @ofoinsingapore page to find out how you can win a pair of headphones worth $180.

#letsofo #ofoexplorer #exploresingapore #igsg #sgig

Handstand Pike exercises
This is how I prepare for my handstand practice, and I do these exercises after lots of hamstrings and lower back stretches (refer to my previous tutorial.)
1. Moving forward straddle legs
2. Moving forward feet hip-width
3. Mulabandha check up- both legs 5 breaths each
4. Puppy Press with block
5. Straddle Press with blocks
6. Straddle Handstand Pike Press
#foxyroxyyoga #practiceandalliscoming #handstand

Random things we do ❤️
I don’t know what life is gonna be without you in Pure but I think I cannot imagine not having you in my life doing silly things together @miryam_acosta 👭
Heart opening flow. Still looking forward to the day we will teach together, side by side, and share our love for Yoga and everything we love in life ❤️ #loveandalliscoming

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