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P R I N C E ▫️R O W N I 🥀  “Baby you don’t want this 😌”▫️SnapChat:RowniLamar

All sweat babe 😘...🤢

2.5 months out but back at it ✊🏽✊🏽

Need to meet more creative people😌 I luv that energy

If you’re still saying shit like “real men ....” or “real women ...” you’re pathetic idc😒

No coming back from that👉🏽lock off all forms of contact 😂

There was a reason for this I ain’t just weird lol 🤙🏽👑

Jungle 🌴🌴lol I don’t explore much

My monkey ears 😂🐵don’t know why I took this down

Tribal 🦁

We’re face to face😏 I’m looking deep into your eyes... then I sneeze 💀

...nobodys had an attitude with me 😂

Some people have too much hatred for the opposite sex🙄 it’s sad ✌🏽all luv

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