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Me fixing my life problems #perthlife

Grilled cheese lasagne? Lasagne toastie? Spaghetti cake sandwich? Don't know what to call this culinary abortion yet. But it's stupid good.

Friday night plans? Cash me spinning at @juicyfridays at @amplifiercapitol for a variety bucket of dairy-free tunes.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATTERS. I know you don't have social media accounts of any sorts so here's a very rare photo of the two of us from 10 years ago. Throwback to a time when we cranked Fall Out Boy in your beaten up VW Beetle on the way to @academyclub and then took shots to Riot In Belgium's LA MUSIQUE cranked by @chrisfraser73 . NYE party 06/07. Here's to another 10 more years of doing dumb shit. IMMA GET YOU WGW TOMORROW NIGHT BOIIII

s u r p r i s e , m u h f u g g a h


Al dente: when your pasta is a lil on the Chewy side #maythe4thbewithyou #cheflife

Just when I had the higher ground... I gave in to the Dark Fried @varsity_burgers #maythe4thbewithyou

Mbaaaaaaaaaaaa suvenyaaaaaaaaaaaahhh #nofilter #6000

Late Registration on repeat #2005

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