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Rovina Cai  / Illustrator / Based in Melbourne, Australia / 💌

Lookin' at coffins. Not a bad way to spend my last day in Vienna.

Yesterday: hiked to a castle, saw some creepy wax figures.

Museum notes + antique store trinkets.

Sketching in Budapest ✏️

Sketching in Prague ✏️

Sketching in Vienna

I made a mini travel sketch kit! It's so tiny and smol 😁📕✏️

Testing out a new toy lens! It's cheap and takes blurry photos.... so it's perfect ✨❤️📸

Looking at book proofs! It's really bringing out my obsessive tendencies. Actual thoughts: "hmm, this page looks kinda dark from this angle, but it's sort of fine from this other angle. Maybe it'll help if I look at it upside down? Oh no?!?!?" 😭

Sketching around the studio #locationdrawing #urbansketching #sketchbook

Hey guys, I'm doing a Q&A! Ask me your art/illustration/career/etc questions in the comments below, and I will answer as many as I can. I'll then put the most common ones on my website in an FAQ section. 💌

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