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The Roundtable  A handful of nerds making videos for your entertainment. They also laugh at their own jokes. Contact us at: kevinwilliams@roundtablevids.com


The Roundtable is super lucky to have such talented artists, like @theimaginativeartist, as fans! Go check her out!

The marvelous @kellykirstein dropped by on our podcast! Listen to episode 2 RIGHT now on the channel!

Extended Roundtable family and everyone's favorite cosplayer and model @kellykirstein joins us as she shares her experiences coming out, getting into #stevenuniverse, cons and more on tomorrow's installment of the Roundtable a Entertainment podcast at 12 PM EST! 💙💚

Earlier this week RetroNemo revealed his top 10 list of characters in The Amazing World of Gumball. If you haven't checked it out, head over to the channel and peep it now!

Blue Zircon proposed "Wouldn't her Sapphire's seen Rose Quartz approach?" in relation to Pink Diamond's shattering...but we know of one gem possibly on her court with delayed future vision! New Crystal Clear available now!

RetroNemo runs you down the Top 5 things you can expect in #RickAndMorty Season 3 tomorrow at 5 PM EST on the channel, but Patreon supporters $5 and up can watch it right NOW!

Did the Off Colors belong to Pink Diamond? New Crystal Clear available NOW on The Roundtable! (PD art by gemcrust)

Love or hate Morty, the boy needs to be knocked down a peg. Check out The Morty Smith Rant THREE days early on Patreon.com/RoundtableVids for those pledging $5 or more!

Marco's seemingly the one from another dimension in the upcoming season of Star vs the Forces of Evil, but what does that mean for his character arc? Brand new Mewni Monday up NOW on The Roundtable!

Ever find yourself empathizing with Blue Diamond? Then you should pick up this Blue Diamond-centric "I'm Always Feeling Blue" parody shirt available until 7/9! Link in bio. 🔷💧

Are you following the Famethyst on insta yet? #Momocon

Check our newest theory on a potential Lars and Steven fusion in season 5! #StevenUniverse

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