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I’m not the biggest or the most ripped or best looking or the guy with the most perfect form in the gym but I have one thing goin for me and that is that I’m trying my hardest and I’m doing it for myself no one else. No excuses. Never say never. I will succeed my goals in time. Sadly I did fail on this pull at 405 bc I lost my grip right at the end. Shooting for 500 by the end of summer tho! #focus #staypositive #lightweight #progessingeveryday #fuckexcuses

Ripping lips with the little man today.

Wanna say a big old happy birthday to this dude. Love ya buddy @gwknisely15

Everyone say hello to my new little nephew Paxton Ray Knott. Can’t wait to teach you how to hunt and fish little man.

Where is the warm weather I’m ready to fishhhhhhhhhhhhh #smallmouthbass #bronzebacksmallies #riverfishing

Sooo I have been debating on doing this but so far this is my one month transformation. February 8 on the left then March 8 on the right. Still have a long ways to go to how I wanna look but I guess you gotta start somewhere. Thanks to the friends that motivated me to change my fat ass hahah. #transformation #byebyedadbod #byebyebeerbelly #staymotivated #staypositive #workhard

Ready to be back working and walking the steel. #laidoffsucks #getmebackthere

A connection between a dog and it’s master is a connection no one can describe. From the unconditional love they have for you to the way we can get mad at them for being bad then five minutes later you are hugging them and saying you’re sorry. This dog and I have been through some tough times the past year or so and all I can say is I’m glad it was with this pup here. Love ya bent. #mybestfriend #dobermanpinscher #dobielove

Selfie with the old girl. #highcountry #chevyduramax

Snow goose hunt was a success and an awesome experience. Definitely be doing a lot more of it in the future. #snowgoosehunting #snowgoose2018 #waterfowl #fowlife #thecrippler

Got up 425 the other day. First I dead lifted since my birthday in July. Not too bad I guess. #deadlift #425 #timetogetbigger

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