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Jordan Roudabush  We gotta crank it up to ten and then some🤘🤘

Brothers just out here living the dream

Wanna wish this guy here a big happy 21st today! Just wanna thank ya for being there for me when shit got tough and thank you for being a best friend to me. Love ya brother now let's see if Miami is ready for us!!!


For all the naysayers out there running me down saying I can't do it saying I've changed. Your damn right I'm out here proving everyone and myself wrong. 4th time dead lifting maxed out at 405. People out there do way more but I'm proud of myself and that's what matters.

Hell of a time at the Blake Shelton concert. Gotta say was one of the best concerts I've been too. Shout out to this lovely lady for askin me to dance ❤️

"He flicked me the bird and then he was gone Some beach some where" hahaha hell of a time at the Blake Shelton concert last night with my brotha! #livingthedream #memories #brothafromanothamotha

Nothin better than drinking a few and talking about old memories with the bros. #happy4thofjuly #merica

Hell of a day yesterday at the lake #livingthedream

Heck of a night staying on the river and managed to rip out this big hog. #smallmouthbass #hog #pig #bronzeback

Just wanna say a big happy birthday to not just my brother but my blood, my hunting partner and my best friend that I know will always be here and never leave when everyone else does. Love ya bro❤️#throwingitback

After a long winter of thinking I'd never see change I finally have seen some this past month. Hard work is finally paying off some what. #dontgiveup #pushtillyoucantpushnomore #keepyoureyesontheprize #changeisgood #morechangetocome

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