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Lily ♦️Possum Queen Cosplay  ❤ 24. City of Angels. 🖤storenvy.com/rottenlilyquinn 📦: PO BOX: coming SOON! 🔜: LACC, LBCE? 🖤 Cosplayer. Actor. ❤ DM or e-mail for business!


Laugh and the world laughs with you. // I am so sorry I haven’t been posting or replying to DMs, everyone! This little head cold I’ve got is really kicking my butt at the moment. I promise I’ll be back to regular posting and posting new content soon! Thanks for understanding! ❤️

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Had a lot of fun at Six Flags Fright Fest yesterday, thanks to @scream.queen.bri! Thank you so much for taking us! I conquered one roller coaster, so y'know. That was a start. 😂 Really loved Battle for Metropolis - super fun, I could get sprayed by laughing gas all day. #sixflags #sixflagsmagicmountain #hallofjustice #battleformetropolis #wonderwoman #batman #superman

And this one too, cos why not. 🖤

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Classic/Jester Harley is one of my MOST requested costumes. And I've wanted to do it for so long. Life is hard, and with unexpected costs and setbacks, I haven't been able to achieve that. Additionally, many of my costumes so far have required a small amount of sewing talent. This one, requires a lot. Talent that I do not have (not a judgement, just the truth)!I'll be getting a custom suit and cowl made by some very talented people. So, at the push of many close friends, I've created a Ko-Fi account. There is a link in my bio if you'd like to donate! Or type: www.ko-fi.com/rottenlilyquinn into your browser. Any amount is appreciated, but please know - if you can't donate, I still love you ENDLESSLY. Every person that does donate though, will receive a signed 4x6 print, a coupon code for our storenvy shop, and a thank you sign, in the jester suit! 🖤
One of the first images I ever associated with Devon was Alex Ross's iconic image. The first time I met him in real life, he was standing across the street, in jeans and that t-shirt. I've wanted to recreate that pose for so long, because it meant so much. Seeing Jared and Margot do it was life witnessing a miracle. Being able to be in that position with @holdthrillkisskill would be like marrying him for me. That's grossly sappy, I'm sorry. 🤢❤️
Although so many of you urged me to, including my Puddin', I can't help but feel guilty. Please know that if I had the means to accomplish something like this, I would do it without hesitation. I wish that I had an incredible job that paid insane amounts of money and I didn't have medications and other nonsense (but unavoidable) life costs, and I could pump out cosplays like a machine. Saying like "why don't you get a better job?" etc aren't helpful, because even with a high paying job, guess what? I have necessary medications that cost about $700, so I'd still be struggling immensely. So thank you all from the bottom of my heart, lilypads and any other generous souls. You all mean THE WORLD to me.

Also... since it's been a couple months since I've brought her out, I'm thinking about bringing Club Harley to LACC/Comikaze! And.... *drumroll please* using my real hair + extensions! I miss this gorgeously elegant dress so much. What do you guys think?

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I love this girl so much. She's one of the best people, and has given me and introduced me to so many amazing opportunities. Love you! ❤️💙

📸: @stuntmanjustink

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