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Hi Im Belela Throne  This is my 5th and last time making an account dude

Yooooooo im really bout to settle down

On a serious note I’ve turned this account to shit and I apologize

Okay I guess my ass kinda phat or whatever

Every bitch i fw i put on to spirituality and she show it yo another bitch like she been hip or something. Smh bitches be LYING

I need to stop using tinder and other apps like that since bitches wanna be stalkers

My doctor distracting death while i sneak away

I broke my fuckin vibrator

Im bout to have 3 jobs niggas is broke

All I did was take this nigga username

Okay that white girl that liked me ended up being 18 and sucking Dick so

Why get high and couldn’t even feel the Dick

Can we focus on @poeticdrugs now or

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