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Yulina  Malaysian but part Japanese. Dainese | Suomy Brand Ambassador. I will ride literally ANY bike. #BMWMotorradMalaysia

On the last day, #Petronas took us to the #MercedesAMG HQ in Brackley and Brixworth! Hamilton's previous season's race car with show-tyres were on display, together with his racing apparel and Bottas' too. #Swiperight to check out the collection of F1 trophies across the continent - from Canada to China. On the exterior of Hamilton's older race car you can see aeros and the details within them to reduce drag. Although I was more curious about the power units and what makes them so fast. Make sure you stay tuned for more!
Meanwhile, both factories house an estimated of 1500 workers and these guys are responsible for the technology you see in F1 cars today. It's top secret what goes on within the factory so I can't show you guys any internal photos πŸ™Š But I've discovered they don't just create the units that make up the hybrid powerunit, but run tests and carry out data analysis pre and post race. I'm sure most of you are aware that the turbos in our cars are typically merged. Mercedes-AMG were the very first to come up with a technology that solved the heat issue by segregating the turbo. The (front) cool turbine stays cooler because they are placed so far apart. With the new setup there is also space for the gearbox in the back, giving better weight distribution of the F1 car.
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For those who have been watching my InstaStories (thanks for tuning in! πŸ€—), you would have definitely seen how much of a glutton I am over the weekend. My smile also gets bigger and bigger with every photo I upload 🀣🀣 The passes we held allowed access into the #F1PaddockClub, which homed the #SilverArrows, Ferrari and Red Bull Racing lounges amongst other racing teams. Before you walk in, you have to scan your tickets at security and as the barrier raises, a server will already be standing by the entrance with a few drinks in his/her tray 😳 The hallway where all the lounges are faces the motorhomes and pit garages.
Historically named after the Mercedes racing team earned this title from their trademark silver logo and liveries with trims of #Petronas green, the Silver Arrows lounge staff are so warm, they would constantly ask if you're alright and/or if you need anything else. Once they start serving food they never stop. It's a 12 course meal, I swear I'm not joking. I was genuinely worried I couldn't finish and would cause wastage as meals kept being served before I could even finish my previous one. I mentioned in yesterday's post that you could choose to watch it from the balcony OR while having lunch in the lounge (the magicbox behind me in the photo streams the race from start to finish. Btw there was a commentator *in the lounge* beside the tv during the race too!). Naturally, I did both. And I prefer watching it live - thanks for those who watched it with me on Sunday! The service is truly top notch in the hospitality lounge and they will treat you like a king. Petronas even told me don't be shy and if I want anything I could feel free to ask the waiters for tea/coffee or just anything. I don't know how else to show my gratitude, but to be truly thankful to Petronas for showing the media guys and I a really good time whilst we're here at #Silverstone.
πŸ“Έ: @lexldf
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I have so much to tell you guys from what I experienced over the weekend at the #BritishGP thanks to #Petronas! I didn't know where to start, it's tough!
Experiencing the race firsthand infront of your eyes is truly amazing. I have only ever watched #F1 on the sports channels & seeing it physically gets you to feel the atmosphere, listen to the musical notes of the cars and witness what goes on behind the scenes. The media guys and I had a choice to see it live from the balcony of the #F1PaddockClub OR at the comfort of the lounge - the service is OMG - I will talk about this tomorrow. We were also granted passes to access the F1 garages of Hamilton & Bottas and got to see the mechanics & engineers in action! You'll be able to see, feel and be so much more aware that racing is a team effort - numerous people actively working on the car at the same time to ensure it's race-ready. And I have to be honest, observing the guys pour our own locally engineered #Primax into the fuel tanks tugged at my heartstrings. I have always been a proud Malaysian but at that moment I feel that as a Southeast Asian country this is our achievement, our success and how we contribute to a winning team until today. The podium win is more entertaining than ever with Hamilton taking selfies on stage (see Instastory) 🀣🀣 #Swiperight to spot #OwenWilson & #JensonButton on the stage ☺️ The crowd is especially phenomenal here, seeing that kind of support for motorsport in the UK (some flew from Europe too) makes me hope that one day we will receive the same amount of passion and soul someday as motorsport is still new to us in Asia.
I really want to thank @PetronasMotorsports for the opportunity of being able to get upclose and personal with F1. Being part of your family is an exhilarating experience, I am so thrilled to be part of something so extraordinary that we have produced almost 30 years now. πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
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Meeting last weekend's champion at the #BritishGP as he is only one point behind Vettel in the current championship standings:
I feel so fortunate to have been able to interview #Hamilton and be in the same room with him, he sat right next to me in the meeting room (this was on Saturday after he nabbed P1 in Qualifying).
I asked Hamilton about the new F1 cars being the quickest in history with wider wheels, more downforce and what it is like to be able to drive it in Silverstone - to which the British born and bred racing driver landed his fifth win at his home circuit yesterday answered "It is simply incredible.", although the current built of the cars are 'heavier and requires much more fitness, much more energy to be driven'. When asked about Sepang, Hamilton doesn't forget our Malaysian heat (the humidity is our signature 🀣🀣) but being able to perform in it with the team as a racecar driver is the best of all. The most interesting analogy of the day was that the engine is the heart of a car and the fuel & fluids are the blood that run through it - Dolfi, Chan (the technical engineers in my previous post) and Hamilton has stated that you need both to be functioning at your best. The stiff competition with Ferrari makes for a great battle and Hamilton plans to fight harder against his Finnish opponent, Raikkonen. The last question I asked Lewis Hamilton was on having a drive in #AyrtonSenna's car and how that beast compares to F1 cars today. Hamilton weighs some of the two's technological developments and ends with a positive note of being able to live vicariously through Senna by driving his car.
I am STILL over the moon and I swear I was keeping it cool the whole time on Saturday when I sat beside Hamilton and Wolff.
Thank you over a million times, @PetronasMotorsports for connecting us to all the people behind #Petronas, Mercedes-AMG and the guys that contributed to Malaysia in terms of human capability development, knowledge and growth.
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Yesterday's highlight of the #BritishGP, meeting three-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton AND executive director Mercedes-AMG of #Petronas F1 Team, Toto Wolff. #Swiperight to the 4th photo you get a sneakpeek of Hamilton πŸ˜‹ But today I really want to talk about the core members of Petronas Technology Solutions and Mercedes-AMG.
The media guys and I were each given opportunities in the #Mercedes motorhome located at the paddock area to also interview Technical Director James Allison and Fuel & Fluid Engineers Andrea Dolfi and Chan Ming Yau. We got a mini tour around the pits & garages too (see #InstaStory, will cover this tomorrow!)
It was exciting news to discover that Petronas has renewed their contract and will continue their relationship with Mercedes beyond 2018. Petronas has been the primary and title sponsor for Mercedes since year 2009. When I asked about the fierce competition with Ferrari, Wolff responds that he sees it in a very positive light where competition is healthy and in order for motorsport to grow it is a much needed element. The same applies in race cars: merging fuel, technology and drivers with their team, you need one another to function at its best to be competitive. Petronas technical personnel Dolfi & Chan explained the technological developments in the fuel that brings the Mercedes F1 engine to life. As a technical partner to Mercedes, the ongoing research carried out has produced race fuels namely Primax (fuel), Syntium (engine oil), Tutela (transmission, hydraulic & ERS cooling fluid) which benefit the team in terms of solutions in the aspect of problems and solution itself (as fluid). Wolff is contented to have had Petronas as a working partner for the last 7 years and mentioned that the fuel & technology has proven longevity, created high performance in not just results but also working culture and provided Malaysia global recognition.
Thank you @PetronasMotorsports for the chance of meeting the people behind one of the most dominant F1 Teams in recent years!
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(A day in the life of lab technicians and engineers of Petronas Research Lab):
Located in Serdang, Malaysia; the local lab is homegrown and we were presented Petronas' rich history of their involvement in motorsport as well as providing to the consumers. The chemical properties present in the fuel we use is purpose oriented - the media guys and I were demonstrated how our engineers tinker in the Petronas Research labs to discover the distillation process and viscosity value of each component in the fuel and lubricants. We also got the chance to carry out some of the tests with sample oils. The three keywords they live by is efficiency, performance and reliability. Many may not be aware that Petronas is spread across 80 countries and 6 continents - it isn't just a sticker on the F1 car or only exclusive to Malaysians. Fun fact for all: it is rebranded as #Engen in parts of #SouthAfrica. Petronas has performed years of research and development to reformulate their lubricants to enhance combustion, restore power and for our cars to be able to carry out the optimum acceleration and increase drivability. The elements that are used in F1 cars are also present in the fuel we obtain daily at the petrol station for our vehicles. They has been present in motorsport for almost 30 years now and made it prominently to the world map after their success with developing fuel, lubricants and functional fluids for the F1. After completing the local research lab tour, I see that they definitely have plans to stay as a contributor to both the racing and consumer world.
Photo credit goes to @PetronasMotorsports & thank you for letting us get to know Petronas a little better!
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Good morning from a different part of the world! It feels so weird to be 7 hours behind and to be where 9 PM remains to look like 5 PM where I'm from 😳 Hope you guys have a great day later. Would anyone like to take a wild guess where I am before I reveal it over InstaStory? πŸ˜‹
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Recently I have been told by Papa Dainese AND both my coach/instructors as well as some peers that I have young blood syndrome. I'm stubborn, impatient and charge into things. I completely confess I am not the best person when it comes to waiting. But hey I am able to identify with my weak points, come to terms with them and [perhaps] one day turn it into something positive. I can never contain my eagerness and enthusiasm. I always want to learn and look forward to getting something or getting it right. Now, this young grasshopper has much to learn but will forever look forward to chasing her goals πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
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"She really doesn't like to wait. Not really into hesitation."
Personal favourite from Fabrice πŸ“Έ @classy_89_ss. Damn this photographer and his energy! πŸ™ŒπŸ»
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30K? What the hell. Thank you so much, everyone! Tomorrow it will be 1 year since I created my Instagram account. Honestly I'm still trying to figure Instagram out, much like track riding. Thank you for putting up with my BS, staying patient with me and for the encouragement. You guys make up half of my heart. It means so much to me that you all took the time to go through my thoughts (yeah, I talk a lot...), write back and I'm grateful to even the silent watchers (I see you guys. Much appreciation!). I frankly have nothing much to offer other than my brutal honesty, a few circus tricks I like to do in my local small Malaysian circuits and showing you what riding has done for me (every side of it). Apart from my Instastories, I won't be able show you how luxurious or lavish my lifestyle is (in terms of posts) because it really isn't. I have nothing to show you in that aspect and that's why I don't integrate my personal life into my Instagram. It's all bike related. I hope that hasn't bored you all to death. I'd rather show you the people around my life that share my passion with me in InstaStories. That being said, I am going to reach new heights and bring myself closer to my goals - I wanna get faster this year. Thank you for everything - for standing beside me when I'm broke, injured and even on my shit days. You make me want to cry. I mean it. Sometimes I feel I don't deserve this yet, probably because I often self-reflect and consciously know that I haven't reached the level of riding I want to yet. But all of your mad love combined really inspire me - I am forever grateful for your kind words, patience and concern! Thank you, thank you a thousand times and over!
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Okay I've had three training days in a row this week (including the voluntary one with Lila on Tuesday that gave me additional exhaustion points after my cardio workout 🀣🀣) and today I'm just gonna sit back and chill. There is a trackday today and tomorrow at big Sepang (which Papa Dainese has paid for because I honestly can't afford it - today I might introduce the Malaysian & Singapore Dainese family in my Insta Story πŸ€—). I just have to prepare for tomorrow, I haven't done big Sepang in ages but Coach Lee will be there to guide me and the other students new to the circuit. So there's no riding today - maybe going over to Coach XD's home gym again to do some cycling. Today the world can wait πŸ™Š
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