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A D I L L A H  πŸ’„I only enhance your own beauty! Modern and effortless. To book an appointment *whatsapp* me. Have some manners, please!

Sweet look with voluminous lashes for Nabs's engagement day πŸ’•

Azeera & her friend for annual dinner. Thank you ✨

All no eyeliners and as usual, boring nude lips.

The last clients before Ramadhan I guess. My second time with the ever beautiful, sweet A I M I, this time together with her SIL and grandma who was so awesomely cool ✨

Tried some cool-toned browns and mint to match her shawl.

For her SIL, I had put a lil bit of makeup on just to enhance her features a bit. No foundation, no concealer applied, only BB cushion.

A M I R A H got engaged! πŸ’

Golden brown skin tone with nude lips and brown lips. Personally, I'd rather go with the perfectly nude as it adds freshness and allows her natural beauty to shine! But absolutely nothing wrong with wearing brown lippie πŸ’„

Inspiration. 1999, 19 years ago yet the makeup looks timeless.



Mother of the bride-to-be ✨

I think I did pretty well on covering her hyperpigmentation. I used corrector as the first layer (after moisturizing and priming done), followed by cream concealer (full coverage), then thin layer of medium coverage Nars foundation to avoid cake face. Most importantly, this Aunty loved the outcome and asked me to put these photos up on facebook πŸ˜‚

F A I R U Z ✨ x function makeup

A T I Q A H x function makeup πŸ’—

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