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Rose (กุหลาบ)  🍃 FMOH 😊❤ Part time Teacher, full time student 🎓 🏫 🎊 🌈 lifestyle 👭👯 friends & fam 👫 👌💚 Yoga 🌏🌐 travel ✈ 💞 Goood Vibes 😻😻😻 . Curre

I love Monday's 💛💛💛 #yogi #yogaeverydamnday

Whānau 😁😁😁😁😁

Pohutakawa Tree ♥

12 days till I'm back in Thailand 😱😱😱 the islands are calling me 🌊☀💚 x

Sister love 😍

The theme of the month is: Dedicated! (thanks @yogawithadriene ♥♥) My butt & legs are sooooo sore! 😢 But the sun☀ is out, Whoooooooa-baby, and this singlet I got at Ssvemart is making me look angelic 😇 😇 We are getting the work done, whoop whoop!
Have a beautiful day my special special friends xxxxx
#yogi #yogaeverydamnday #getitdone

Weather in NZ is super cold right now ❄⛄ (I guess that's climate change *sigh) 💞💚💜💕👌but loving having my family home as a jungle gym again & getting cool little brother to spot me in my handstands! I love my practice!
#yogaeverydamnday #yogi

💚💚💚 #Nelson #NewZealand

Open, strong, looking forward ➡ 🌟☺ #yoga #yogaeverydamnday

Great sleeps 🌃 😴 in sissy boos and Beau's Tiny House! @threekina
Nice to see stars 🌟 ☺
#tinyhouse #travel #lifestyle

Somewhere down south! 😇💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
feeling all refreshed and realigned and ready for the year ahead! Goal orientated and excited for new levels (battling devils),new experiences, challenges, homes and more good happy memories! .