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Rose (กุหลาบ)  🍃 Free mind, open heart ❤ Currently in 📍 Thailand 🐘🌊🌻 x

I wish I looked this cute (calm and prepared) teaching!! 😂😂😂😂 Another fabulous week done ☑
Thanks to my honey @pukhappier

Finding stillness and calm in the busy chaos our lives sometimes become can be difficult; but the best things in life are often the hardest! And once we start building a meditation practice of any kind, the more we work at it, the easier it becomes.
Today at school before a few of the lessons started I got my students to meditate for 2 minutes (mwahhahaha). One of the classes I teach are absolute riots, (one of my favourite classes, if I could have favourites) they are incredible kids but test my patience at time! Today's lesson was notably smoother, giving the kids and myself sometime to realign and get ready to learn was definitely needed. And I have to say watching my wild 7 year olds; eyes closed, hands on belly and breathing deeply, almost melted my heart.

Inhale love, exhale love, everyday x ♥ ♥
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Real friends airbrush the pictures they take of you before sending them 😂😂😂 @pukhappier ♥ ♥ I love you honey! Had the best arvo/evening rocking out and admiring all the creative and talented artists at #70110link Art festival! I feel inspired!

One year from home 😂😬😣😢😳😵

Some days I treat my body like a temple and other times I get black out drunk 🌈🌺 some days I make flower crowns and other days I stay in bed with Netflix 🌼🌻♥ I do not live with regrets all the times I make mistakes and wreck my body, mind and soul are more chances to grow, learn and appreciate the positive journey I am on. 👌😍 we should be kind to ourselves, more gentle and less judgemental.

The restaurant we went to yesterday had a pool and a bathtub ♥😝🌺 it also had a sign displaying appropriate swimming attire 😬😯😧 BODY POSITIVITY POST (coming Up) :: I want to know why our bodies are treated with such shame, why even our appearances are regarded so highly. Like why does the colour, shape, size of my body, my clothes, my hair, my feet... What does that matter? Does it define the kind of person I am, the person I was or want to be?
I don't want to sound disrespectful or disinterested in cultural norms and religious customs. I definitely have a Lot of appreciation for our worlds variety of people, beliefs and values.
But this value we place on, I don't know, modesty? The shame placed on our flesh? Where does it come from? I want to understand?
I don't want to feel insecure or ashamed of my body...
What am I missing?
Ft. @mattmain05 Feet xox

I am having a nice time in Laos! ♥ I am also looking for sponsors to help me get home for Christmas 🎄 .
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♥♥♥ back at school and learning more than I am teaching! In classrooms with super smart kids, the funny ones, cool ones and to cool for school ones! Wouldn't pass any of it up! Love my job and this little town that I'm starting to call a home xxx

Breakfast @ninecafe_riverside 🍲🌺♥👌
I am learning to embrace a slower life. To appreciate relaxation and me time. It wasn't until I came to Thailand that I realised how I was exhausting mysrlf. I worked to hard and invested my energy in the wrong pursuits! Not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well - constantly discrediting my accomplishments and focusing on all that I wasn't. The mantra for the month is 'I am achieving'😝🌈🌻 I have achieved and I will continue to achieve. Too often I think we live with a future orientated mindset, that's not to say goal setting and planning for our futures isn't important, but if we are unable to show gratitude towards the present moment and our past accomplishments then we open ourselves up to emotionally destructive thought processes! . Be proud of yourself and enjoy the life you are living xozoox

We came, we ate... @princesspeach01 @age44 🍴🌽🍉🍄🍌🍙 #mindfuleating #vegan @broccolirevolution

Sped up clip of some slow downed times. The mosquitoes coming out as the sun rolls down. Not talking, just watching... Hello friendd and family from this beautiful home of mine to yours xxx I hope you are all feeling love and happiness inside xxxx

How was everyone's Earth Day? 🌍 😂

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