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Roslyn Mitchell  Textile Artist from Largs, Scotland. Inspired by times past, buildings lost and landmarks loved. Studio in Craft Town Scotland, West Kilbride

Next Sunday, I'm doing my 13th @kiltwalk. Including other charity walks I've done since 2013, I'll hit my 500th mile! Unfortunately my poor husband can't walk this one, but he'll hit his 500th mile soon enough in Speyside πŸ‘£
#iwouldwalk500miles @calumscabin #calumscabin

Ikea is so much more fun with kids in tow! πŸ˜‚

Tiny people ready to be stitched...
#wip #workinprogress #textilart #applique #freemotionembroidery

❀️ Robin Williams. Can't believe that's been 3 years x

Friends since 1979 (waaaaay before we were born!) We've not changed a bit πŸ˜‚

Just to let you know that I'm afraid the studio will be closed today. It'll be open tomorrow from 11am x

Really hard to see but Max finally got to be off the lead with his greyhound pals Ziggy & Gypsy and chase their ball. Happy boy tonight 🎾🐾

Up until just 3 months ago, Max was taken to race every Friday night at Shawfield Stadium. He lived in a kennel in a barn and slept on sawdust. Don't get me wrong, he was very well looked after and loved by his kind trainer and his living conditions were very clean. Max was one of the lucky ones. But he wasn't a pet. He was a money making machine. And there are many (thousands!) who are not as lucky as Max. There are some who are disposed of before their careers start as they don't make the grade. Others who start to lose money are also disposed of. Shot. Drowned. Hit with spades. In Spain they're hung from trees.
As I said, Max is one of the lucky ones. Just look at that face. So happy to just be a pet and play with a ball. As dogs should.
If you're ever thinking about adopting a dog, please consider a greyhound. There are so many (thousands!) who have nowhere to go when their racing days are over. They're loving, loyal, gentle and calm. All they ask for is a couch (preferably!) to sleep on, 2 meals a day and someone to love them. And no, contrary to popular belief, they don't need much exercise. They're not called '40mph couch potatoes' for nothing!
#adoptdontshop #greyhound #greyhoundrescue #exracinggreyhound #greyhoundawarenessleague #maxgreyhoond .

Max Greyhoond. Mild mannered by day. Super alert by night. On the lookout for scary cats & hedgehogs!
#maxgreyhoond #fullmoon #largs #nighttimewalk

Watching Usain Bolt's last race brings back memories of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. We were so lucky to enjoy so much of it, 3 years ago this week 😊
#usainbolt #glasgow2014 #commonwealthgames #glasgowcommonwealthgames2014 #commonwealthgamesglasgow

I've absolutely no idea where I got the inspiration for my '40mph Couch Potato' design... πŸ˜‚
#40mphcouchpotato #maxgreyhoond #happyhound #sleepyhound #greyhoundawarenessleague #adoptdontshop #greyhound

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