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Roslyn Mitchell  Textile Artist from Largs. Inspired by times past, buildings lost and landmarks loved. Greyhound lover (@maxgreyhoond)🐾

I’m trying my hardest to ‘slow down & simplify’ and I must admit that feeding & watching the birds in the garden has been brilliant for that.
For 8 years, we had NO birds in our garden as our old cat was a hunter. It took them 3 years after she died to be brave enough to venture back in!
As well as all the pretty little garden birds, we have cheeky magpies, a family of crows, wood pigeons and in the not too distant future, the seagulls will be back nesting on all the neighbouring roofs (rooves? Hoof/hooves!)
It’s been really interesting watching them and seeing their likes & dislikes. They’re not awfully keen on peanuts, they’re only slightly keener on the seed but the suet dumplings (fat baws!) are going down a treat!
I also put out some yarn ends & rabbit fluff for nest building. They obviously don’t fancy having multi-coloured nests but there will be lots of lovely fluffy ones!
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I’m guessing the boys have been searching YouTube on my phone again... 😂

7/100 Springburn Park Winter Gardens, Glasgow
Built 1899-1900
#derelictbuilding #derelict #abandoned #The100DayProject #Springburn #Glasgow

Seen better days...
#derelict #glasgow #tenement #abandoned

When derelict buildings become very grand birdhouses...
#derelict #whatawaste #pigeons #glasgow #tenement

“I didn’t realise 2 of your children are on the spectrum, they seem so normal” “You’re right, that’s because they are!” I’m just thankful that as far as ASD goes, we’ve never had to worry about either of the boys being non-verbal. In fact, I suspect my youngest has all the words of non-verbals as well as his own. Good grief, that boy can blether for Scotland! As long as it’s about Bionicles or science, of course 😊❤️
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Thanks so much for all your lovely comments yesterday, I really appreciate it 😘
There was a lot of love for the old ‘Bookmakers’ sign that is actually part of an old railway station. I can’t wait to share the whole building with you but here’s a wee sneaky peek until then...
#100daysofderelictbuildings #oldsign #mosaic #est1932

It’s been so long since I’ve created any textile art that some of you might not even know that I do! Have a wee peek at #roslynmitchelltextileart 😊

I’ve been struggling with my mental health again lately and feel like I’ve taken a huge slide backwards. I was only planning on taking 3 weeks away from self employment but it’s now been 6 months. I was making really good progress before Christmas, decluttering both physically and mentally, but things are as bad as ever again. So for things to improve, I’m going to have to put some strict routines and structures in place. Fingers crossed 🤞🏼 The easiest (& most tempting) thing to do would be to hide at home and close myself away in my bedroom. But that won’t help anyone. So today I forced myself to go out and went on a hunt for derelict buildings. I’m so glad I did, it was just the tonic I needed.
I haven’t posted any of my #100daysofderelictbuildings this week and was just going to stop it altogether until I feel better but I think it’ll be good therapy. I got at least 5 days worth of photos today and I can’t wait to share them with you. Even if I’m feeling low and have to hide in my bedroom to do it 😊
#itsokaynottobeokay #mentalhealth #therapy

When your child outgrows their dolls house, pop some fairy lights in it. Bob’s your uncle, you have a new hall lamp!
I have huge plans to paper every room, put the fairy lights in properly and maybe even make some curtains. I’ll probably get round to it in Julember 😂

6/100 Douglas Park shelter & public toilets, Largs
1950s? - 2017
#derelictbuilding #derelict #abandoned #The100DayProject #Largs

If you saw my last post, this is Parsley who’s on the right of the photo!
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The babies are now 8 days old and we have 5 out of the original 7. This wee one has been a bit of a worry as is the smallest and has been removed from the nest by its mum a couple of times. I've been a bit naughty and put it back, fingers crossed it's doing well... x

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