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Rosko Cycles  RACING FRAMES MADE IN NEW YORK CITY Ⓐ//Ⓔ//Ⓥ invisible in plain sight.

I 🖤my machine shop. Nailed it 🙏🙌🎯#madeinusa #cncmachining #makingcoolshit #nowwhat

Okay okay last old pic of the day... Mos Def's 'ghetto rock' video features a shadowy figure throwing some Bertlemann action on the banks. (I wasn't supposed to be in the video, only rent them the ramps...) haha @glenefriedman

ADRV had a break between European tours so instead of coming back to the states we decided to take that time to go to Morocco. I traded a Berber rebel my camo budweiser hat for his sweet handmade balaclava.

Ducati 250 single- road races at Loudon, NH with #uscra #Vintageracing #classicracing #ahrma #ducati

That one time i jumped on a plane to race a borrowed 996 in an illegal 400+ mile road race and came in second #m2m #m2mtt #vinmoto #chivinmoto #nycvinmoto

RJ knows...

cam dressers anonymous

Multi-Process fork action: lightweight, crisp feel. Made of crystalline materials joined by fire & electricity.

Modern Classique- @columbus_official // @therichardsachs UOS cyclocross for with the disk brake action for @continuumcycles

#Repost via @steeloats ・・・
Even through there has been a lack of sunshine in Portland lately. We made up for it in bright gear choices during 7am calling of @pdxcoffeeoutside this morning. #coffeeoutside #npcccapproved

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