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Rosko Cycles  RACING FRAMES MADE IN NEW YORK CITY 🏴Ⓐ//Ⓔ//Ⓥ 🏴 invisible in plain sight 🚫waiting list is closed for now🚫

Via @rjrabe
Since getting back from riding bikes with all my favorite people in other parts of the country I've decided I'm going to make it my personal mission to convince them to come visit me. I'm going to get started now so that by December you're ready to gtfo. Set aside a couple days, bring your legs and bike and I'll take care of the rest. You can set up camp in the back yard and I'll even pick your butt up from the airport. To be clear, This isn't a 'my coast is better' kind of thing. I just know you'll love the riding here as much as I do.


An oldie from @aaron_beasley_photo ・・・
@rosko_cc building my CX bike back in 2013

Via @attackcowboy ・・・
Tuesday night chilling at Gateway Green.
📷 @mr_specific

stoked! Via @aaron_beasley_photo
Ya boys heading to Oakland. Hit me up if you wanna ride bikes in the bay area.

pic of @_breakfree_ on his Rosko Via @fartstorm :

#thegoodegg last weekend is still fresh in my mind! @ratt_ray put on a good one for a great cause, link in bio! #roadslikethese #lightbro #bigringthing #lifebehindbars #gratefulshred #gravelgrinder #lightbro

Via Mr. @champamoore ・・・
#sueñadelascostillasdos in her natural element.

An old one via @giovannireda i forgot to post:
Random run in on an NYC street. Rosko Cycles, hand made in an Airstream in Brooklyn. One man army Seth Rosko, Brooklyn NYC, 2016 @rosko_cc #skateboardersruletheworld #iwasateenageddouchebag

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