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Rosko Cycles  RACING FRAMES MADE IN NEW YORK CITY 🏴Ⓐ//Ⓔ//Ⓥ 🏴 invisible in plain sight 🚫no longer taking orders🚫

Congrats to @coreythecourier on his top ten finish at Cathedral Pines today in what was surely fucking soupy, messy, tree strewn 6 hour dirge after that bigass storm we had. Kudos🤙#sixhoursofcatgedralpines #mtb #bicycleracing #handmadeinbrooklyn #crazyshit

Six Hours of Cathedral Pines with @coreythecourier

@7sugarssweet is forking ready for six hours of grinding single track... @indyfabulous @nycvelo

and so it were, the weapon handed down generation to generation #Repost @joshuahines
Thx for the lineage of Shred!!! @jkneve @johnprolly #btccycling

@not_porter_ricks T.F.R.S. (Tasmanian Fire Road Shredder) in the wild

People have been wondering what they can do to help the ongoing situation in the wake of the fires out west. Link in bio ⬆️ for info about North Valley Mutual Aid. They are a local group organizing in the spirit of @mutualaiddisasterrelief and could use your support no matter how small. #campfire #solidaritynotcharity #compostthestate

its all frikkin’ 🌈 and 🦄 round here... seriously though big thanks to everyone who sent well wishes and the most maximum love to my family for dragging my grumpy arse through this ordeal. 😘 @t.r.i.s.t.a.n.r.o.s.k.o #nofun

Every time you step into a skatepark in NYC say a quiet thanks to Andy Kessler, the guy who made it all possible. Miss you brother. Thanks to @codaskateboards @woundedkneeskateboards @juicemagazine @kcdcskateshop @vans and all the folks who put together and showed up for the celebration yesterday. 🖤

sometimes quiet persistence pays off- text msg from my father on his 6 mo anniversary of being ‘plant based’ very proud and stoked that 3 generations of our family are no longer contributing to the corporate death machine killing our planet. Small steps.

last of the breed and with top button intact!! #rarebirds #crustypants #autumnskateshop @autumndave @autumnnyc @heavydiscussion

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