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Rosko Cycles  RACING FRAMES MADE IN NEW YORK CITY Ⓐ//Ⓔ//Ⓥ invisible in plain sight.

Vegan Diabetes

With all this talk of rhc i figured i ought to repost this classic by @groovylab of my friend @jennordhem
10 years!??! #redhookcrit here's that time jen killed it

wheels is wheels

#tbt when people actually believed there might be a future #nofuture #nowmorethanever

First place I ever lived away from my parents (as a 14-year-old runaway) was an abandoned building which didn't have a front door but rather a fire escape ladder which led up to the second-floor window. The first place I lived that had a front door sported a lock much like this one and that key was my only possession at the time. I didnt even have ID or a wallet. Good times. #1980sNYC #loisaida #alphabetcity

Repost @autumndave
Some early crete action with @rosko_cc at the long removed Volcano/Shantytown spot in Williamsburg. Based on the diameter of my bald spot, it was the summer of 2001. Good times, besides loosing my T4 that day.

this again

Seeing Red

🏴@akpress🏴 keeping the stoke high and the mind sharp!

#readingISfundamental #AnarchistsCareAboutBooks

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