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Rosko Cycles  RACING FRAMES MADE IN NEW YORK CITY Ⓐ//Ⓔ//Ⓥ invisible in plain sight.


that first ride after you recover your stolen whip

both sides of the Phoenix billboard by artist #KarenFiorito - the owner says the billboard will stay up for the duration of the presidency.

FUCK YES! @aaron_beasley_photo got his bike back!!! Way to go SD cycling community! ・・・
REUNITED!!!!! I got my bike back!! Huge thank you to @chron_liar for spoting my bike and throwing a lock on it/confronting the fuckhead and @jovenxanselmo for providing back up. Also huge shout out to the San Diego/Southern California cycling community for looking out for me. I'm soooo happy right now!!!

Couple of crisp lightweight steel cyclocross forks using some @therichardsachs cast bits.


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