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Rose  design your own reality #colormusings

I start here, floating... delightfully submerged in curves, pouring over corners of buildings & books, whirling in words & wind, racing impatiently paralyzed. — though all for the sake of something no doubt. Am I seeking that sake? What am I waiting to create? #poeticphilosophizing #floatymind #colormusings

Parents of my boyfriend. He’s just my type: strong, blonde, and cuddles me all night 😂 You both are the greatest dog parents. Thanks for a wonderful weekend to all my loves #Oso

Are you a designer ? Do you intentionally run or lead organizations a particular way? Do you set your routine or create rituals to serve you better ? Do you look at a crowded restaurant of people and imagine a better flow to the space ? Do you consider who’s touched what and how they used it ? Do you consider the people you’re affecting ? Have you ever talked to them ? Do you guide your conversations ? Pick your words with intention? Do you produce things with reason? Do you ask questions ? Do you practice trying and changing ?
Do these define a designer ? To what do we tether the title ? Are designers a category or a quality ? Is design a process or product or perhaps a practice ? A dogma, declaration or a question ? Does this ever end ? When I stop thinking and practice an answer, I’ll let you know #colormusings

Each day, in consideration of borders, walls, unintentional consequences, immigration, thoughtless actions or simply inaction, etc., I find myself sometimes consumed attempting to reconcile the deficit between how much there is to impact, and how little I’ve done, per human condition... in light of this anxiety and/or motivation derived from comparison, I remind myself (again):
To notice, because daily acknowledgement contributes to positive awareness;
To participate, because contribution in part does not have to satisfy perfection nor fulfill a solution;
To breathe, because individual tension contributes to our collective tension;
To make eye contact, because we are all human #digitalsketchbook

Hitchens might have been one of most admirable and rational contrarians you could find, almost to an infuriating degree. He said “a skeptical mentality is at least as important as any armor of principle,” and I believe him. Position yourself as indispensable not because of what your principles are, but why you arrived to them. How you think. To everything & everyday, why? Today I am knocking down my own fences I built #colormusings #thoughtmusings

heat, dust & surreal mischief quickly approaching... 💥

living the view of the ants #colormusings

Au naturale nice piece o’ wood. Been lugging this slab from apartment to apartment for almost 2 years now & I’m determined to finish this into a bench by the end of the summer. I need a car, a really strong person or a hand planer. And/or some combination of the above. It’s gonna be a damn nice bench when he done #projecttime

Got a solid groovy tan in yesterday. Finally feels like summer on the skin #colormusings #digitalsketchbook

warning: bake yerself like some delicious pizza in this coal oven we have called “outside” - for extra greasy, make sure to use the subway #baked

bonjooour amour would u like a bebida querida ?

My favorite colors and my favorite flavors. When you have too many big questions to think about and big theories to ponder and big news to wrestle with, go have a refreshing gulp o’ somefin and embrace the basic curation of a summer treat
#amiafoodbloggeryet #ilovesharingpleasecomeover

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