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Rose W Pember  we’re all designers of our own reality trying to re:think & create & do cool stuff design strategy PTfaculty @parsonsschoolofdesign #colormusings

☎️contrast calling, it’s Fall [or did we just skip right to winter here ?? It went from like 80 to 50 in a week.] #colormusings

in practice +/ a reminder of my word of the week: to relinquish [relinquish what I know, what I don’t, undue effort, undue care] 📸: @d_steg

Find (define) your own James Turrell #yesterdaysangles #colormusings

Portrait of an uncategorized creative in her retro loft heaven. Swing included. #intheDoghouse 📸: @kelseykruuuse

Phenomenal display of color last night that I couldn’t resist capturing, after watching @phosphorescentmusic kill it with an awesome album release at the @publichotels. A display so saturated, that it’s inspired me to reinstall my electric light tubes in my room. Build your own light dreams. Great show, loves 💥 #colormusings

Enjoyably warm wooden evenings + the feeling of a project screaming to be started, of a story waiting impatiently to be finished, of your dream just barely out of reach; it’s the human condition to strive, and with striving we progress #neutrals #colormusings

(3/3) From My Archives [2014]: Artist Dad (the other one is Architect Dad. What does that make me? Stuck, currently.) #colormusings

(2/3) From Rose’s Archives [2014]: D.Wharton in print shop. There’s always a new angle for something, even parents #colormusings

(1/3) From Rose’s Archives [2014]: D. Wharton & his lithographs. This is one of my Dads; he’s a phenomenal artist and I have been dying to learn lithography for a long time. #colormusings

Take in one last big minty fresh breathe of some end-of-summer air #colormusings

never without my love #sharpie // [at long last, a break from regularly scheduled color content] 📷: @alexa.eden

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