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R o s h n i ✨  be, love & live. fully. β™‘

When you finally arrive at where you've wanted to be for so long... πŸ’š

πŸ’Žβœ¨ #revived #refreshed #inspired

Caressed by the great gifts of nature...
Thank you x #mamaearth #shedstheanswers #loveyou

Sharing my joy & gifts through my Bollywood roots with a bunch of beautiful ladies feels pretty dang good βœ¨πŸ’ƒπŸ½ #hensparty #bollywood #happiness #dance

The joy of just Being πŸ’œ

May you use time and space today to soak in your own beautiful nature, and take rest from conquering your world of magnificent possibility x πŸ’‹ Namaste

So while I'm working, MJ comes on and next thing you know I gotta get up, grab my fedora and start groovin' as it all comes flooding back into my body. Lol here's a snippet for ya'll πŸ‘£
{Back in the day I co-produced and directed/choreographed Australia Salutes Michael Jackson, starting off as a small tribute show which then transformed into Australia's premier tribute show, touring with a bunch of peeps whom I still call my friends today. Cast of 30-ish jamming out for the Man in our innovative way after he passed ❀️ Will always be in my heart and a part of me!} #MJforever AOW!

Last Friday I had the absolute pleasure of joining @rosie.rees for her #NudeYoga sesh in Brisbane. What a glorious and beautiful occasion...ugh, so delicious and fruitful in so many ways. An amazing group of wonderfully courageous women. Spent the last few days in rest from all of the energetic shifts, alignment and activity catalysed by the occasion.

Thank you Rosie for holding such needed space for us to grow, evolve and transform, and bring light to the ways in which we can deepen our connection to and power within ourselves. More to come on my experience and resounding realizations soon xo

Consumed by ego
Full of remorse
Labeled human
Sans due course

Drunk on power
Blinded by greed
Inflicted limitation
The people's creed

Systems within systems
Shadows of doubt
Losses of faith
A Heavenly drought

Surrendering convent
Empty and free
Now Blissfully idle
Death conquering me
πŸ“Έ @neilfrombrissie

#Authenticity How much do we censor our lives? Not just on a public forum space, but in our lives explicitly?

I've noticed my behaviours and actions have a tendency to reflect the environment I've been surrounded by, even if my 'internal' nature is more naturally opposed or different to what's surrounding me. (Which then usually leads to rebellion 😏)
Which then poses the questionβ€”are there two separate environments, the 'inner' and the 'outer'? Or is there just One? In this human life, do we get to experience the experience of 'both,' which then feed each other? (Deconstruction of ideology gets sticky here as we bring attention to the 'false' diversion and split/separation of consciousness rather than focusing on the truth...that {for me} it's all one.)
Long story short...Energy is everything, and our environment is crucial. The irony is, we shape it. We create it. And the people we surround ourselves with co-create it with us.

So...May we surround ourselves with the peeps and environments whom nourish, nurture and feed us, inspire us to bear our soul's fruit, absorb each other with the vibes of life so we may thrive towards the light. ✨ #BeReal β€’
πŸ“Έ @neilfrombrissie

Cos life ❀️ Jammin with my baby @tess.dwyer

Girlfriends, this gorgeous goddess @rosie.rees is in Brisbane this Friday to teach her famous #NudeYoga workshop...and I can't wait.

Come explore, deepen and glisten with us β€” head to to register: there's only 2 spots left so get in quick! Xo #naked #yoga #goddess

Freedom cannot found in an idea, concept nor belief, nor constitution, outcome nor possession.

It is simply a State of Being. ❀️
🎡 Theme from La La Land
#danceydancey #foundmyselfagain

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