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Roshni Rebecca  ʙᴇ•ʜᴇʀᴇ.ɴᴏᴡ.♡ 💃🏽 Art + Love = Creative Revolution 🌏 The Butterfly Effect Project • @TheBEP.evolve 💆🏻 Ultimate Retreat for Creative Visionary Women🔻


{Part 2} Out of all the dancing I do, #Bollywood would have to be my most favorite for its way of uplifting one's joyful experience of life... 🎉
Saturdays 3–4pm • 4-weeks of the most jovial & explosive fun you'll ever have (no joke): Oct 7–28, 2017

www.danceculture.com.au 💃🏽 @dancecultureaustralia
🎧 Shape of You by @vidyavox

Now this one, I'm pretty proud of... {Part 1}

Bollywood • Saturdays 3–4pm • 4-weeks of the most jovial & explosive fun you'll ever have (no joke): Oct 7–28, 2017

www.danceculture.com.au 💃🏽 #bollywood #joy #dance #brisbane
🎧 Shape Of You by @vidyavox

Invest in yourself...
Cos there ain't nobody else. 💜 #happysunday

Every child deserves to experience Life... ❤️ #Repost @thebep.evolve#Meditation is the gateway to learning the tools to calm our minds, ease our bodies, relax our behaviours and focus our energy. We feel so good doing it because greater levels of oxygen circulate through the brain & body, and the practice teaches our minds to focus. This helps us become healthy, happy, peaceful, feel-good and freed human beings.

Our main aim at @thebep.evolve is to help instill this mindful awareness into our Butterflies, and apart from creating this personal transformation, everybody loves it because it's so relaxing!! 💜🦋🌬 #TheTools #OurChildren #FutureHumanity

Ugh... This snap has me drooling for #WiseWomanWithin 😍🤤🙌🏽 Can't. Friggin. Wait. {The Ultimate Retreat for Creative Visionary Women; link in bio.} 🏝💆🏻💚 #isthisseriouslymyjob #dreamlife #wanderlust #elnido #palawan

Ready for the most rejuvenating, re-inspiring & reviving holiday break at one of the most beautiful islands in the world? 😉🌴✨💃🏽 I'm so honoured & grateful to be co-creating this deeply-needed event with @flowretreats for amazing women with a vision to use their gifts to change the world!

Creatives, artists, budding entrepreneurs & all big-dreamers in between—to come into all their most connected, relaxed & hence deeply powerful selves. 💙

PM me for any questions. For all info & bookings head to link in my bio. #ItsTimeToBlissIn

As a creative woman with a vision to uplift the world through my gifts, talents, abilities & passions—using the arts and meditation as a mechanism for sustainable change and to activate & elevate joy, love & peace within the human race (for me, the fundamental building blocks to create a thriving, healthy, happy, conscious, compassionate & abundant humanity)—I've learnt time and time again that in order to do my work fully, I must be well within.

Deep rest, relaxation & Self-Love are the ultimate tools and power I require to harness my heart to do its work, whether influencing, impacting or inspiring someone's life in passing, at one of my workshops or one-to-one. As power-full women, we need to nurture our bodies & transcend our minds in order to allow our spirit & soul to flourish and do its thing for mankind.

So...it is with great pleasure that I introduce a soulfully-nourishing and deeply pleasurable experience for my fellow creative visionary women in the world... Stay tuned—announcing in the next 24 hours. 💋🌴🙏🏽 #itstimetoblissout xo
_ 📸 @maleikah

Ladies... Immerse in your deliciousness and bust a groove with me. Bring the girls—we gon' go deep. ❤️
Hip Hop in Heels • Wednesday nights 6:30pm–7:30pm • 4-weeks of yum: Oct 4–25, 2017 w/ @dancecultureaustralia
Full video: www.facebook.com/roshnirebecca.love
Tix: www.danceculture.com.au 💃🏽🔥🔱
🎧 Bad Karma by Axel Thesleff #dance #hiphopinheels #gangstagoddess

I've been so focused on getting shit done lately, launching new projects and starting new work, that I completely forgot how good this felt... Being back home in the nature of my womanhood, like soaking a warm bath of pure relaxation and bliss... Thank you to @missjessmd & @jdizz24 for creating this beautiful creation of a creature 💕 and for reminding me of where my heart's really at 😉 Entrepreneurship can take a break from my body now... kthanksbye x #arielle #mamahood #vicariousmoments #nurture #home xo

I leave feeling full.
Magic, every. single. fricken. time.
Thank you love ❤️ #Byron

When life asks you to make a move, do it. I had the intuitive urge to go camping while I had no commitments this week, and boy I'm glad I listened. Taking me back to basics, remembering to keep it simple is where it's at, allowing myself to experience the gratitude I have for daily life, and reminding me that happiness always starts with a healthy lifestyle.

The crazy talk in my head had to end so I remembered that being in a healthy environment for change is crucial, and reprogramming new habits–everyday rituals & routines–refocuses the brain and mind to ground, and allows the body to open into all new possibilities.

Starting the day with meditation, high intensity interval training, yoga and a dose of Vitamin O... Everything I've ever wished for—a life of happiness, success, pure bliss and freedom.

This moment was right after I made some decisions about what dreams I truly desire to bring to life... May you activate your conscious creative power & imaginative dreaming capabilities to choose the similar for your own. R x #wellness #transformation #lifestyle #consciouschange #consciouscreation

When feeling unsatisfied,
Take your shit
And go for a ride. #enroute #cya

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