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Roshani Chokshi  NYT Bestselling author. Probably barefoot. Up next: THE GILDED WOLVES (Winter 2019). I don’t read DMs! Send me an email instead 💌

From the Latin obnoxiōsus, circa 1580s.

Father’s Day can stir up a whole spectrum of emotions for people. While I’m privileged enough that today is one of joy where I celebrate my exemplary daddo, it’s impossible to ignore the extreme pain of other families, particularly those families torn apart on our borders. This isn’t political. This is baseline human decency. If you can, check out the link in my bio for ways to support these communities. If this message doesn’t sit well with you, then look up and get some much needed perspective.

American Horror Story Season 9: Frat House. #babyBRO #cacklesbymyself

Bachelor Bison: “MY SHADOW’S THE ONLY ONE WHO WALKS BESIDE ME” 🎶🎤🎶 #onedayImmagetmyownherd

The Cookie contemplates various mortal costumes. @mucluck_12

Yellowstone defies description, but here were my impressions: honey-colored canyons and silver water, nocturnal eyes at dusk, smudged paw prints and sulfur brume, wet rhyolite terraces, sunsets dribbling yolk into the trees, mules ears flowers the color of steeped sunshine, bison musk, still pines stretched over silent lakes, glacier erratics split by forgotten ice, coin-colored mushrooms, sagebrush silvering the meadows, horse muzzles and dust, pine trees fire-polished to a velvet sheen, displaced gods, summer snow, and a vastness that won’t fit inside words like “magic.”

sad there is no specific Drake lyric about the resplendent majesty of friendships since infancy because then captioning this would be a hell of a lot easier. @victorialovesbaconalsocats 📷 by @mattshait

rain rain go away...on my way to BEA! (Woohoo it rhymes!) I can’t wait to see you 😍

V proud of this “gâteau au yaourt” (it’s yogurt cake, y’all) I adapted from @food52! It somehow vanished overnight. Idk how. (*dusts crumbs from shirt*)

Back in 2012, I read a Guardian article about how a collection of fairytales that had been locked away in an archive for almost 200 years had been found in Germany. These are a collection of tales by Franz Xaver von Schönwerth, a Grimms contemporary and historian. Unlike Grimms tales, these were never updated. They’re a snapshot of a particular place and time, like pressed flowers. These are not living fairytales. I don't think he was interested in how we update and revise and retell our fairytales to reflect our growth (or backpedaling). These tales have a strange abruptness to them. They're stripped down and unlovely and raw, and I loved them and the uncanny illustrations by Willow Dawson.

“A loaf of bread,” the Walrus said, “is what we chiefly need...”

Excited to be at BEA this year! • On Thursday (May 31st), I’ll be doing a Facebook Live event at 12:45 pm. • At 2:45, join me, @rickriordan and @authorjcervantes at our Rick Riordan Presents panel! • Afterwards, me and Jen will be signing from 4-5 pm!! (not sure yet if I can manage personalizing every book, but they will be signed 💕) • On Saturday, June 2nd, I’ll be at the Fierce Reads Breakfast signing totes and also the most glorious and beautiful #TheGildedWolves posters ever! 😍🐺🙏🏽

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