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Gabriella 🌱nc  🕊Cosplayer • Gemini 🕊 I LOVE PROMPTO side acc: @noctits Next con: Raleigh Supercon Twitter: rosettella_ use code "rosettella"@ttdeye @kawaiimoristore

new dva pictures!! i feel like i've improved on her a lot and i've always been trying new looks for her! this is by far my favorite and i'm really confident with this look 🐥

here are the winners for the giveaway!!! please contact @kawaiimoristore in the next 48 hours to claim ur prize!
congratulations! ❤️ #kawaiimoristore #kawaiimoristoregiveaway #giveawaywinner #internationalgiveaway

hi i haven't posted for this con at all bc i got out of the cosplays as soon as i stepped foot in the con but i'm once again out of cosplay w minimal makeup (these are pics from yesterday) all i wanna do is eat and play some games rn i'm dead

@kawaiimoristore and i teamed up to host this giveaway!
here are the rules:
1. Follow me and @Kawaiimoristore
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5. Prize is a grey wig model wearing;
6. Giveaway last 48 hours, winners will be announced in 48 hours.
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Today ill be reviewing three pairs of colored contact lenses from @ttd_eye
"snowflake black"
"crystal ball yellow green" &
"mystery red"!
You can use my code "rosettella" 10% off your purchase!!!! store/seller: 5/5 very fast to reply and provides information such as shipment and tracking numbers ASAP! ive always been pleased with how cooperative and generous they are!
shipping: 4.5/5 shipping isn't bad at all! it's standard shipping. My package shipped on June 26th and arrived in my mailbox on July 6th!
communication: communication is great! i always get a reply within 24 hours and it's always helpful and informative!
comfort "crystal ball yellow green": 5/5 These are very comfortable! once they're in, you can hardly tell they're even in there! they have a firm hold and do not move around unless manually done so!
comfort "snowflake black": 5/5 these are one of my favorites comfort wise! i wore these for a couple of hours and i almost forgot they were in my eye 😩 typically with contacts my eyes start to become dry and irritated after a while but i only wore them for about 2-3 hours so i can't quite say how long it'll take until i need to take them out and let my eyes rest.
comfort "mystery red": 4.5/5 same goes for these as well! i didn't wear these for a long period of time but they're a nice comfort! i had a bit of discomfort at first but upon reapplication it felt like nothing was there!
color "crystal ball yellow green": 5/5 i LOVE how vibrant these are, i was a tad bit worried that they might appear a bit darker on my eyes but these have amazing coverage! my eyes aren't a dark brown but i feel like they would actually show up pretty vibrant on darker eye colors!
color "snowflake black": 5/5 you can't really go wrong with black contacts, coverage is great and they blend with my eyes pretty well! there's really not much to say about these for they're just plain black BUT there's a small design on these contacts and when they're in my eye you can't really notice them which i don't really care about but i'd guess with lighter eyes, you would obviously see the design more!
color "mystery red": 5/5 these are the best in my opinion color wise. VVV

this photo is lit but my neck looks so long it's so funny to me wtf
📷: @brandynoelle

(the freckles got blurred out bc beautycam hates me) i tried to costest prompto again because he's my favorite character of all time?!?! this is my old luna wig so i really need to get an actual wig for him but i feel i've improved on him since katsu, big time. i'm not really happy with my boy makeup because ITS SO HARD TO LOOK MASCULINE SO. but yeah i'm learning slowly and i rlly hope i could maybe have him for awa but i highly doubt it considering i can't afford anything rn :( i still have to gather money to afford the badge so ur grill is screwed, oh boy!

pics from my bday five days ago, i'm rlly inactive i'm sorry i'm p much settled in i'm just rlly lazy now :-)))))

i'm in love with this photo GOD!
@cosplaysky sent me this great lightning cosplay to review!! it's great quality but i did have to modify just about everything, and it took me like two weeks to fully figure out the buttons for the cape and shoulder so i kept it buttoned so i never have to deal w the confusion again 😩 overall though i think it turned out great and i'm really happy with the whole look, i would probably just want to remake the shoulder though because it's not as accurate as i personally prefer. Thank you for the opportunity @cosplaysky !
photo by: @kitsune.cosphoto (thank you for the great work!)

📷: @brandynoelle
I'm sorry for being inactive i'm super busy w unpacking, etc. hoping to get some cosplays for awa but i don't have much money so i gotta get a babysitting job or SOMETHING! i got a series of aqua photos back so ill post them after i edit them bc i'm a dumbass and used the wrong lashes and didn't tuck the wig behind my ear :/

i did a mikasa test a while back and i never wanted to post it BC UM... but im happy w season 2 so far even tho i know what's going on 💦😩 ALSO PLEASE READ:
so my last day is tomorrow and ill be busy for a while because i'm moving out on the 15th so i have a lot of packing to do! so i'm sorry if i'm less active for a little bit!

have some nice quality Aqua for once! i have a lot of cosplans i rlly have to do soon but i'm out of money and im moving soon!! so i'm sorry if i start to lack content soon 😩
Photo: @brandynoelle ♥️

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