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Gabriella 🌱nc  πŸ•ŠCosplayer β€’ Gemini πŸ•Š I LOVE PROMPTO side acc: @noctits Next con: AWA ? Twitter: rosettella_ use code "rosettella"@ttd_eye @kawaiimoristore


i'm heading down to wilmington rn :-) wig is from @heahair πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜ lenses are "snowflake black" from @ttd_eye use my code "rosettella" for 10% off my dudes

more pics of my celica costest! lenses are "mystery red" from @ttd_eye use my code "rosettella" for 10% off your purchase πŸ’•

i tired to costest Celica but i rlly don't suit her so!!!! ill try a different makeup style another time i guess
contacts are mystery red from @ttd_eye ! use my code "rosettella" for 10% off your purchase!

i don't rlly have much content to post so take a dva pic! lenses are "snowflake black" from @ttd_eye use my code "rosettella" for 10% off!

hi i look dead rn but my first day of school was p boring but i think i made friends w these people which i'm excited abt

it's #nationaldogday so have some pics of Bandit!! I love him w all my heart and idk what i would do without him πŸ₯ I have so many pics of him but i had to choose the best quality for my homie, he's a MODEL.

an oldie bc i haven't posted in a while!! i've been playing witcher 3 literally every day and i basically forgot about social media CAN U BELIEVE IT im a mess!

sweater from the wonderful @morigalaxy ❀️

@spreepicky sent me this really cute dress!! it's really nice quality! it fits a little big on me at the top but im small so it's not a huge deal! ill get better photos soon but thank you for sending me this and for the opportunity to work with you! you can use my code "rosettella" for 10% off your next purchase ;))))

a little more kanooki,, lenses are snowflake black and mystery red from @ttd_eye use my code "rosettella" for 10% off your purchase boi

i'm going to cape fear comic con this weekend in kaneki just to hang out so hmu if you'll be there πŸ‘€

serving chapped lip realness?
i gotta post a review soon i'm being rlly slow and i'm also sorry for being inactive i'm not even busy i'm just sleeping all day πŸ€”
lenses are snowflake black from @ttd_eye use my code "rosettella" for 10% off your purchase ❀️

@heahair sent me this beautiful wig!! The shipping was super fast and it delivered in i want to say about 3 or 4 days?? it was really fast!
The quality of the wig is one of the best i have seen! It looks like real hair and i've already have had people asking me if it was my real hair on my latest live πŸ˜… but the wig cap was KILLING me it was painful after a bit but simply changing the wig cap is ideal πŸ€”thank you for the opportunity!

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