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Peter Rosenberg  Host of @complexopenlate, Hot 97, ESPN, WWE, Cheap Heat, @BiteTheMic w Mike Tyson, Juan Epstein, Alexa's husband, Bear's dad.

Can you tell that I enjoy doing this? 😃 oh I was right by the way! sorry to cut you out @reneeyoungwwe @davidotunga !! Lol you were casualties of IG

This is what’s happening people .... babies.... I’m turning off comments so those of you who excuse behavior like this ... those of you who will be on the wrong side of history those who sat by and did nothing while other people were abused and tortured throughout history ... you’ll have to just watch and be mad...and tell yourself that Rachel is some snowflake phony.....but you won’t do it here ... sorry

The man with the best new album in the world right now @jayrock ... proud of this redemption bro ...

This is the shirt I officially want most ... RIP Kerry

He thinks he’s people :)

You cannot gloss over the full X story but it is so tragic all the same....


Zoom in close .... this is US policy...take children from parents...IS A POLICY...I know I know...I’m a liberal snowflake ... I’m also the child of a mother who was born in a displaced persons camp...WE HAVE TO DO BETTER ....please...this isn’t about Trump..or the economy...or gun laws...this is very easy...children should not be ripped away from their parents regardless of how they entered the country ... before you write your hateful rhetoric back...just stop and this how you want our country to handle things? If you say yes — we have a very different vision of what this country should be ...

The feud is off ..... for now #MITB

LOVED THIS MOMENT!! @alexa_bliss_wwe_

When your son sends you a Father’s Day card ❤️😂

Happy Father’s Day Dad ... I’m so proud to be your thankful for how much time we spend together ... have a great day

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