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Alison Rosenbaum 

@burnbootcamplacrosse Almond milk is on sale at Festival Foods

We had an awesome lower body strength work out today! #RaisingMyBar @burnbootcamp @burnbootcamplacrosse

Athletic Conditioning was a #Sweatfest! A shower was definitely in order before work.#RaisingMyBar @burnbootcamp @burnbootcamplacrosse

Full Body Strength Day Saturday! #RaisingMyBar @burnbootcamplacrosse @burnbootcamplacrosse

Super sweaty after LEG DAY! PR'D on jump squats, up to 25 :) #finishstrong #RaisingMyBar @burnbootcamp @burnbootcamplacrosse

Forgot to post for #RaisingMyBar yesterday. It was a great push/pull core mini camp @burnbootcamp @burnbootcamplacrosse

PR'D today. I am up to 5 double unders and learned two new ways to do them, jump higher and spin the rope faster to avoid these beauties :) #RaisingMyBar @burnbootcamp @burnbootcamplacrosse

Forgot to post after the 8:30 camp...check the red face after athletic conditioning! #RaisingMyBar @burnbootcamplacrosse @burnbootcamp

What a sweaty day of cardio #RaisingMyBar @burnbootcamplacrosse @burnbootcamp

My view when leaving for @burnbootcamplacrosse @burnbootcamp to get busy #RaisingMyBar

Finally up to PR of 20 jump squats! After breaking my legs, jump squats have always been difficult, but I am slowly working my way up. #RaisingMyBar @burnbootcamplacrosse @burnbootcamp @coachwinkers247

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