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You ever see that episode of Modern Family where Claire bails on some mom event because she's "sick" and goes out instead and has too much wine, and then has to show up to where her son is and the mom is like "Have you been drinking?" and she's like "oh I've had a couple Hot Toddy's because of my throat" 😭😭😭 That episode is hilarious. And that whole story was all to tell you I'm making Hot Toddy's tonight. The end.

Guys, i snagged the CUTEST new little pretties for our front room today at @thehillshed 😍 This darling basket and these two canvas prints are the the perfect little touches to this room 💕 Also, Hillary is just a doll and graciously let me shop even though i was so super late 🙈 i can’t wait for the next shop opening!

Good Morning friends! I got a Latte piping hot in my hands, my "comfy pants" on, and am shoving kids out the door for school. Don't let the car door hit you, lovies! 💋💋💋💋💋💋 I'm a performing introvert that is always chasing elusive solitude to recharge my batteries, but just straight up love the pants off of people and want to reach in my Mary Poppins bag of tricks to help them make their lives & businesses better 💕 Let's hear about you in the comments! What's your day lookin like and what are you going to do today that's just for you?

YOU GUYS. The countdown is ON and it's less than a week until Fixer Upper!!! Grab some Chardonnay, grab some Ship Lap, and get your Gaines on! ❤️❤️❤️ PS- this is what I want my entire back patio to look like. K Bye.

This was the best week ever BECAUSE my very best friend came out to AZ for the first time in 4 years and hung out with me and my crazy family 😭 Also, she just got engaged to this gem of a man, and I love love love them both. Can't wait to party with you both again, you're just the lights of my life 💋

One of my favorite morning rituals is to go around to all my windows first thing in the morning and open them all to let the fresh air seep in to my house and turn on my Christmas Tree. Smore's can hear me doing all this, and wakes up all the way in Penelope's bed, and nonchalantly circles my ankles and spends her morning on the windowsill behind the Tree 🌲 Which is just about as much Nature as she cares to experience 🐱

Here's this month's line up from the #garyveewineclub all unboxed early courtesy of Braden 😒 We cracked open the delicious Pinot Noir on Friday at our 10 Year Anniversary Celebration and are waiting for Thanksgiving for the Rosé Selections 💕 I think tonight is going to be a Chardonnay #workwinewednesday - how about you? What are you uncorking tonight?

Oh man, I've had to have this conversation LOTS this week (even to myself). If you think you're gonna jump in and be as amazing as someone who has been honing their craft for months and years, then I think it's time for a expectation adjustment. Patience, grasshoppers. We'll get there- this isn't a timed race 👊

I’d say today’s shoot was a success - lots and lots of images for one of my favorite clients to use in her content 🙌🏻 My job is pretty much cake when my clients are as fabulous as @heidiwhitehairentrepreneur 💋

The best thing about my job, is that it's constantly different every single day. I get to mix up my "on my computer all day in my bedroom" days with "shooting props in my backyard" days, and "going out in the world and photographing human beings" days. Today is one of THOSE days and I'm pretty amped about it. When you work with the best people, you do your best work ❤️ Tag your favorite clients here and give them some love 😘

If it's not on the schedule, it won't get done. These are facts. Call up a friend, grab a new shirt & a new lipstick, and go out in the world and take a couple of good "self portraits" for you to use on your Instagram Feed. We want to see your face! I'm taking some of one of my favorite clients tomorrow morning who flew in from Seattle, and she's so nervous but I keep reminding her- this is not about you, it's about showing up and being present for your clients, customers, and audience. Get out there and snap those pics! 😘

A few new spicy coppery images popped in to the @stockbrandsubscription yesterday! Fans of Hot Toddy's & Pumpkin Pie bakers are in luck! Sprinkle a little cinnamon on your feed ❤️ Grab these + a thousand other images at http://bit.ly/jointhesbs 😘

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