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Cheers! We're up at Grandma's whipping up some simple centerpieces with family today, drinkin lemonade and soaking in the AZ sun? What's making your happy hour happy tonight? 📷 via @bloguettes 💋

Remember, promotional content should only be a SMALL part of what you share here on Instagram! You can use the 20/40/40 Rule if you want, or adjust your content percentages to whatever you like, but make sure you are not selling ALL the time 👊 There's a handy freebie download in your emails from this morning, and the replay of the live broadcast is on my Rosemary Watson | Productions Facebook Page if you want more context 💌
If you haven't signed up yet, you can get the email downloads by joining us at 💋

I think I have a new obsession. You know when you come across an image on Insta and they tagged someone else so you click over to their feed and spend the next 25 minutes following and saving almost every single post in your collections and then you spend the NEXT 35 minutes on Pinterest reading tutorials on how to do what they do and then you realize you just wasted almost a whole hour on crazy person stalking and you need to go make a coffee to get back on track which takes 5 minutes?
No? Just me? 😐 📷via @sunwoven who I'm in love with 😍

We want to be dropping breadcrumbs to our Ideal Buyers along the way! Instagram is only ONE place we have their attention, but how else are you going to sell your products or services to these people? In your emails for the INSTAselling Series I put a link to a Trello board you an copy to drag and drop your way to the "yellow brick road" for your customers or clients 🙌

Guys, can I just say THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this series out? It is the best feeling in the world to see everyone watching along in your IG Stories! It just makes my whole day 💕

I shared a peek of this stellar magazine in my broadcast yesterday, but man if you need some eye candy or just a pretty piece for your coffee table, you need the Summer Edition of Magnolia Journal. I'm their Ideal Customer ☺️

More shout outs to @dannielynnfountain 🎉 Her blog post today is about using Time Cards on Instagram and why it can work for some people and not for others, and here's my $0.02 on the matter- KNOW YOUR END GOAL. The reason I wanted to use Instagram Stories the way I do is so people could actually see the WORK behind my business. This is to give both 1:1 client insights to what my day looks like while I work on projects, and it's also to show potential students to courses how I apply what I teach to my own business. If you're not interested in showing the work you put in everyday, and you're more focused on sparking conversations and engagement then using time cards might not work for you! The key is TEST! Test yo' strategies and see if they are getting you closer to your goals! Thanks Dannie for testing out the strategy and showing what works and what doesn't for your business! 😘

We definitely want to make sure we know who we are trying to attract here on IG. I whipped up a fun freebie for you with some unique questions about how to storytell to your ideal customers for the rest results. If you want to get yo' hands on the downloads, you can sign up free at

Today's the day! You can hear me, @twigyposts, and @dannielynnfountain on the @selfmadebabepodcast 🙌🏻 It was my very first podcast interview so I'm so grateful to Dannie & Lola for inviting me with Jana because I felt like my squad was there 💕 You can listen over at 🎧 Big shout outs in the episode to @amyporterfield and her Courses That Convert and @creativemarket 🙌🏻

Tomorrow! Get your iPhone or your camera out tomorrow and shoot 10-20 images to post on Instagram for the next few weeks. You'd be amazed at how fast you can get these done when you buckle down and commit, and then you'll have a stash to come back to over and over 🙌

Oh man, Live Broadcasting really takes a lot out of you! Today we chatted about setting your goals for your promotions. Remember, we want our goals to be specific, so "I just want to sell as many of my _______ as possible" is not a SMART goal. Once we have a set number to work towards, it's so much easier to set steps towards that goal 🙌 I shared a handy freebie today to help you map out those goals, so if you want to get your hands on your own, you can sign up at

You guys, have you SEEN @shaycochrane 's new Lifestyle Collections?!? They are unreal beautiful! 😍😍😍😍 I mean, can I just move in here pretty please? Seeing her name pop up in my inbox always makes my day a bit brighter ☀️ Get on her email list so you can see all the new stuff she releases 🙌🏻

T minus 3 days and I have not mentally prepared for this bloodbath. Someone send help (xanax?) 🙏 "I'm sharing a bit of ""real life"" on Mondays since I get asked so often how I run a business and raise 6 kids at the same time. It's not all pretty styled pictures, and motivation my friends. Most days, we're just flying by the seat of our pants.

It's no fun to pretend like you have it together all the time so I've teamed up with @mothermanifesto to bring on #hotmessmondays where we can let it all hang out. We'd love for you to share your hot mess today, tag it with #hotmessmondays and @mothermanifesto and @rosemarywatston so we can all share a good laugh to kick off this week! You can also share over on their Facebook group, Mother Manifesto - Community too!"

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