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Rosemary Watson | Productions  Styled stock 📷 Brand Stylist & Strategist 🖥 Making lady biz owners look polished & professional ☕️ Momma of 6 😳 Visit the @stockbrandsubscription 💕

It's here! It's here! Sign ups for the 5 Day Challenge with @twigyposts , @dannielynnfountain and I are LIVE! Get on the list, download your syllabus, and get ready to create those Digital Products so you can start cashing in on your talents, my friends! Sign up at! 📷 via @twigyposts 😍

Happy Monday friends! These new Evolve brand board reveals are becoming my favorite way to start off the week 😍 Plus, if you missed last week, I'm also sharing something special on Instagram Stories later today that ties in to these brand boards- can anyone guess what they are?

Because never freakin fail, it's always when you're already 15 minutes late for the 5th day in a row that you're runnin on fumes. 😁
I'm sharing a bit of "real life" on Mondays since I get asked so often how I run a business and raise 6 kids at the same time. It's not all pretty styled pictures, and motivation my friends. Most days, we're just flying by the seat of our pants.

It's no fun to pretend like you have it together all the time so I've teamed up with @mothermanifesto to bring on #hotmessmondays where we can let it all hang out. We'd love for you to share your hot mess today, tag it with #hotmessmondays and @mothermanifesto and @rosemarywatston so we can all share a good laugh to kick off this week! You can also share over on their Facebook group, Mother Manifesto - Community too!

Do you know who the light of my life is? THIS GIRL 😍 @erynmgreen sure does find the cutiest dresses for the cutiest Bae Bae 😍 🎀 from @goldenrosehandmade of course (ya'll, did you know there is a bow subscription? )

Happy Sunday, friends! Ya'll know how I love to shout people out that are doing BIG THINGS, and I have a really fun one for ya today 🙌🏼 Kyrsten and Kelly of @copperkettleco 's are launching a NEW project that's all about helping others to start their own businesses!

Kyrsten and Kelly are all about helping people to make the leap that I SO many people I know should make, and I know it would mean a lot to them if you went and took a look at their new Instagram, FREE resource library and site! You can find them over at @workathomebs

We are pretty partial ourselves, but when we talk to creatives about creating their own Digital Products, we recommend they start with @creativemarket 👊 It's where @twigyposts and I both started out our styled stock photo shops, and where we recommend every at the very least check out because they truly do set you up for success!

We can't wait to share more about this amazing platform in our 5 Day Challenge 🙌

Guys, isn't it crazy how different photographers style the same props? Jenna Redfield Designs on @creativemarket made those @sugarpaperla & @katespade desk pretties look GOOD 😍 True believer that every single person on the planet could be a styled stock photographer because we all have different vibes, different viewpoints, and different stories to tell 👯

Guys! Totally stepped out of my comfort zone and did an interview with 😳So honored to have been picked to share my Instagram insights and journey with Alexandra- go give it a read if you want to know more about my day to day 🙌🏼

Ahhhh, Friday. How I've missed you. Grapefruit + Mint is pretty much healthfood, so thanks @apartment_bartender 😘

OMG the day has flown by and there's still so much to do 😩 But, I couldn't miss my favorite #fridayintroductions so here it is ya'll 🙌 I'm Rosemary, I have a crapload of kids, and I run a business, and I love leveling up! I'm always looking at things to see where they can be better and have room to grow (and believe me, I have PLENTY of room to grow my friends). BUT I'm also a fantastic cheerleader! No really I was Cheer Captain two or three years of my life and a Cheer Coach for a little while 💃 We can all do hard things with a little bit of encouragement and enthusiasm, and I got that for days.
Oh, and I'd LOVE to get some feedback on the IG Stories I shared this week! If you'd be so kind as to let me know what you thought in the comments below, I'd love you forever! 💋💋💋

The week is almost done, but we're still helping with brand & marketing strategies over here! I thought, since a hundred heads are better than one, we can work together and hash out ideas all together 👯
You want in on this action? Just leave a comment below with your best answer to this question... where is the best place to learn all about running Instagram Ads? GO! 📷 Via lexigracedesign 💕💕💕

What are you creating today? I am getting my craft on, and setting up a Vision Board behind my desk (mostly because I am obsessed with @joannagaines design room that has pinboard walls to gather all her design ideas). It feels good to work on something with my hands for once and not just on my computer or phone 💕
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