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We're getting our hands dirty today with our front room project 🙌🏻 Today we demo-d floors for a Phase 1 trial of our new Office/Homework/Piano/ Christmas Tree space... I'll be showing peeks in Stories so you can watch along 😍 ALSO, did you know that @oldhomelove has a new Facebook TV show on FB Watch and it's awesome 💕 Search Old Sweet Home to find it & watch!

TGIF and TGfor @ashroseconway and her commitment to non-boring cocktails to make this helluva week melt away in minty bliss 💕

The littlest Watson turns 5 today and it's a bittersweet moment looking back at her birth video knowing we'll never do this again 😕 Beyond the birthday donuts and cake and balloons and silly toys, we're just so so grateful we were given the gift of 6 healthy children.
To everyone who has helped us bring these kids into the world, we could not thank you enough. It has meant the world to us.

The full video is on my Personal Facebook Page if you want to watch and cry your eyes out 😭

Guys, I've been making video content LEFT AND RIGHT lately. I'm OBSESSED! This little ditty is for my Instagram Landing Page, and I created it in Premiere Pro and recorded it with my EOS remote shooting app on my laptop. If you don't have a content creator following you around all day, you have to figure out a way to do it yourself 🙌🏻 I used my Canon 5D Mark ii, a 50 mm 1.4 lens, my Yeti Mic on my laptop and it's getting easier and easier to produce these little videos 🎙🎧🎬

One Week ya'll 💃 In just 6 sleeps I'll be popping in @thefempreneurcollective Facebook Group to share how to Look polished & put together online using Styled Stock Photography 👯 It's a free course, AND you even get some sweet freebies for signing up 📷 Come hang out with me next week!  Visit http://www.event.thefempreneurcollective.com/TFC-RosemaryWatson to join us 💕

Work Wine Wednesday 💕 The three words to get me through Hump Day and wrap up projects that have deadlines this week. This + re-streaming Good Behavior Season 1 episodes (me & Braden blew through the season but I put it on as work background noise because I am OBSESSED) make a literal perfect night 📷 via the lovely @monikahibbs (and I want this whole collection of Rose in my kitchen 💕)

What have you all been working on today? I've been creating Instagram Feed Review Videos for the people who raised their hand for them in my Facebook Group 🙌 We've talked a lot about the whole point of your feed- much like a magazine, it really is to show people the possibilities for their own lives. It's for taking people from where they are NOW to where they WANT to be, and how you can help them do that. If you want to see more about that topic, you can watch the episode in the IG Collaborative Group (which is FREE to join ya'll)! You can even put your name in to have your feed reviewed if you want some fresh eyes on your content 💃

9 Grids, and Themes, and Photo-A-Day Prompts. Are you confused yet? Every day we're adding in new people to The IG Collaborative Facebook Group, and every day I see comments about what the hell we're talking about when I mention 9 Grids or Themes. 🙈 I broke them all down on my blog this week so you can decipher my Social Media Language I speak now. Plus, ya know I created a new Editorial Calendar printable and threw in an audio miniCAST to pop in yo' airpods

And because nobody puts Goldie in the corner 🤣 #auntielifeisthebestlife

Friends! I created this week's blog posts to show you 3 different ways you can approach your Instagram Feed. Choose one, test it out, or mix up all three if your little heart desires!
One rule of thumb I love to use is to plan out 13 posts for each theme if you're choosing Weekly Themes for your strategy. For example, I know I share these Instagram Tips every Tuesday, so I will sit down and brainstorm 13 ideas for what I'll be talking about in these posts. Create your graphics or curate your photos, flesh in the copy for your ideas, add in your hashtags and BOOM, you have a full quarter of posts for that theme DONE my friends!

Me & my best girls @suzyamos @erynmgreen @ashly_thomas @amosamanda and @kaffiek are already plotting a Disney Halloween trip for Lennie Lou's First Birthday 🤣😍 Guys, this is the whole point of having kids. So we as parents can use it as excuses to party 💃🏼

😑😑😑 Heaven help my competitive husband. Fantasy Football is the only hobby where you're mad no matter who wins the actual real life games. SOMEONE is always losing.

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