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Guys our new merch store is now live! We've had such an overwhelming amount of support the last few years and I just want to say thank you for creating such an incredibly loving community. I've seen how you all help each other through the hard times and I love how so many of you have made friends for life. Happy Valentines Day everyone! I can't wait to meet you all on tour! If you fancy anything from the store click the link in the bio! ❤ I can't wait to see your age appropriate sexy selfies haha. Much love xxx

New hair. Same face! Thanks @thechapelplace for such a relaxing day! Your chocolate shots are EVERYTHING ❤

Who's coming to see us on our Exposed Tour! The link's in the bio!
It's going to be absolute madness and I want to share that crazy with you all! Our new merch store also goes live this month so there's a TRILLION things to look forward to! 🌈🌈

Love is genderless. We will celebrate love and make noise around the world. @unode50 #lovehasnorules #genderlessbyunode50 #ad


Subscribe to Let's Play Games! Are you afraid of the dark? Rosie is! Watch me scare her senseless in a game I created, inspired by the terrifying home invasion thriller Don’t Breathe, which is out on Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow! I grabbed some infrared cameras, night vision goggles and black out blinds to make it as terrifying for her and as entertaining for me as possible. Don’t try this at home! (except totally do, because it’s ridiculously scary fun) VIDEO LIVE TOMORROW! #DontBreathe #ad

2017, this is how I'm coming at you.


So who's coming to see us on tour! I can't wait to announce the UK dates next week! If you feel like seeing us live and haven't got much of a social life then LET'S HANG OUT IN A TOWN NEAR YOU!
Huge thanks to @lindablacker for the 📸 you absolute smoking babe and @ashleighmua for making me look a lot better than I do in real life ❤️

I've made such amazing memories with my wife this year ❤️ I'm so grateful to be able to do what I love, travel all over the world and meet such incredible people whilst watching you guys make friends with each other ❤️ we've created such a loving and accepting community together and I can't wait to see you all in person next year! Cabello collab for 2017 AM I RIGHT. #2016bestnine

Morning dog walks in the frost are so beautiful! Having such a lovely Christmas holiday! ❤️

Finale - Part Four photography and story by @lindablacker ❤️ The Queens rise, hands locked together. Snowflakes swirl around them, catching on the breeze and dancing in the wind.

Together they begin to summon magic from the earth. The magical energy is stronger than anything they have summoned before, for now they are united. As one, they cast a spell to summon the rage anger and greed from the land and rip it apart.
Far in the East, the King of Hearts has fallen. He bows before the King of Spades, who raises his sword to deal his final blow.

But… suddenly he stops. Something powerful has wrapped around his heart. A message from the Queens. He stumbles backwards as a vision flashes before his eyes.
The future. Loss, pain and suffering. More wars, death and destruction. Over and over again the battle for power rages. The King of Spades eyes snap open and he drops to the floor. Before him, the King of Heart’s face mirrors his own. They have both seen a devastating future of a world where peace never comes.

The soldiers around them drop to their knees, also blinded by the same vision. They open their eyes they look to each other, tears streaming down their faces as they kneel in the blood stained earth.

The King of Spades casts he sword aside, followed by the King of Hearts. The army of Spades and Hearts follow and lay down their weapons.

The King of Hearts reaches out a hand to the King of Spades, a gesture of peace that shocks the King of Spades. Tears well in his eyes as he realises what they have been fighting for was for greed and power and never for the good of the Kingdom or the people who they fought to rule. The King’s shake hands and the Battle of the Cards ends.
Back in the West the Queens smile.
Before them, they see a future of unity, peace and love. Eight rulers, ruling the Kingdom in harmony, for the well being of the land. There its much to do to mend all that has been broken, but the Queens would face it together, as one, as they have wanted, from the moment they first saw each other many years ago.

The End