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This freaky bb
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Grew some peppers🤘🌶

“So... I’m not straight. I mean, I like men... but not just men. I’m into it all... like people... Im attracted to people” -Me at the beginning of my coming out journey.

Coming out publicly wasn’t easy for me. I don’t exactly have a coming out story, but I can say for the longest time I was confused as fuck. Felt a lot of shame. But as I grew up, I started to discover more and more about my sexuality and embraced it.
I’m grateful to be able to come out and feel safe in doing so... not everyone has that opportunity or privilege. And I’m thankful for those who made a day like today possible.
#nationalcomingoutday #queer #pansexual #lgbtq

World Mental Health Day🌹
Mental illness is something that affects everyone at some point in their life. It is very common but it is also very common that it goes untreated.
How can that be changed?
We talk about it.
We normalize it.
We understand it.
I live with mental illness.
I am medicated.
And I used to be so ashamed of it.
I decided to start a mental health series for myself as a form of therapy but I have decided to share it with others in hopes that it can help inform and create a conversation.
End the stigma.
The start of my series focuses on one of my mental illnesses, OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and discussing how there isn’t just one type of OCD.
I go into my subtypes and discuss how it all affects me including my intrusive thoughts and mental/physical checklists.
I had no idea that there were names to what I was going through. But through many forms of therapy, I have been able to better understand what I’m experiencing when it comes to my OCD.
I will have the first part of this photo set attached with my first journal entry and it will be available through Patreon.
I want to thank @katattackphoto and @amanda_mcgahey and express how incredible grateful and thankful I am to these two for teaming up and collaborating on this project.
And thank you to @jessehazelip for providing us with the location.
Remember to reach out to the people in your life and let them know you care about them. That you’re grateful for them.
Remind them they are not alone.
Let’s start the conversation.
#worldmentalhealthday #ocd #intrusivethoughts #mentalillness #endthestigma

I feel angry and sad and confused and triggered.
Some say it’s like we are living in a nightmare but really, it’s just waking up to the reality of our world. Our country, our system, was designed to do what it’s doing.
And it’s fuckin disgusting.
Reach out to the survivors in your life and let them know you are there for them.
Find out what more you can be doing to help and support.
And to all survivors out there, I see you. I hear you. I believe you. And I thank you for everything you’re doing to survive. We will get through this together.
I love you.

Here all weekend at the @portlandtattooexpo working the booth for @prettyininkalameda and @littleanniemotel
Friday 2-10pm
Saturday 12-10pm
Sunday 12-8pm
Got a few spots still open so book it now bb🌹
📷: @amisamil
Thank yous for the shirt and support @jessehazelip @allbaddays
#portlandtattooexpo #prettyinink #allbaddays #sexworkisrealwork

Me watching the people in my life actively work on deconstructing their problematic beliefs and behaviors and working hard to change while also correcting/educating others on how to be better humans 🎈
📷: @lukeolsenphotography
MUA/costuming by @amanda_mcgahey

wake up wake up wake up it’s the 1st of THA month ☠️🎶

Surfbort Sunday⭐️💦
So much is happening in our world and it’s been hard to go about business as usual.
Thankful that @therealsurfbort came to planet earth and are here to stay and save us all with friendship music🤘
📷: @benhoneyb
@therealsurfbort is on tour now so check the sched and while you’re at it check out their new music video “TRASHWORLD” 🏖

#nolitetebastardescarborundorum #notmypresident
📷: @katattackphoto

Thank you. I believe you.
#christineblaseyford #anitahill #believesurvivors #istillbelieveanitahill ⚠️TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ -
Today has been full of emotions and has been very triggering for so many.
I am a survivor of sexual violence. Countless times over the span of 20 years or so. Individuals I trusted to protect me, individuals who I thought loved me, people I didn’t even know, and people who had control. I started speaking out about some of my experiences but I have remained quiet about the majority of it. I haven’t named all of my abusers because I am terrified.
These survivors are heroes.
It is estimated that today the National Sexual Assault Hotline spiked 147%
Crisis centers receiving mass amounts of calls and walk ins.
Today was hard. These years have been hard.
Here is a list of some local and national sexual assault hotlines and resource centers:

If it’s an emergency please call 9-1-1
National Sexual Assault Hotline @rainn
Available 24/7
Online chat available 24/7
Planned Parenthood crisis line
Available 24/7
National DV Hotline
Available 24/7
The Trevor Project
Crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ
Available 24/7
Text “START” to 678678 to text with a trained therapist
Monday-Friday 12-7pm
Online chat also available
National helpline for Men who have experienced sexual violence
24/7 online chat services
Weekly group sessions
Call to Safety crisis line
Available 24/7
Washington County Victim Services crisis line:
Available 24/7
Sexual Assault Resource Center:
Available 24/7
Sexual Minority Youth Recourse Center:
The Survivors Project:
Victim’s Right Law Center:
503-274-5477, ext. 6

Portland area Walk-in crisis centers: -
•Unity Center for Behavioral Health
Open 24/7
•Hawthorne Walk-in Center
7 days a week - 9am-8:30pm
•Riverstone Walk-in Center
Monday-Friday 9am-8pm
•Cascadia walk in Center
7 days a week - 7am-10pm

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