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Read Something  Writer || From the coffee to the grave || Essayist. Storyteller. Ad copy guru. ✍🏻 read new work here 👇🏼


“There is a strange hum in the air, an unsettled spirit that hasn’t passed through. I fear all of my lamenting in November has become tangible in flame and ash in these early weeks of December. That sadness I could not touch has materialized.

I read in the news, “a perpetual tinder box” and I think of home and the hill behind our house and the matchstick scorched palm trees. And I think of how ash-black your hands are at the end of the day.

Not far from you, and the fires, there is Christmas music playing and a couple discussing traffic. Because to be a Californian is to be perpetually immune and always at fault. To never be unaware and yet always at ease. We are edged to the edge of the continent, a place we inhabit by choice. And by the promise that the winds will die sometime soon.”
Every time I sit to write I cannot write about anything else.

My love of Joan Didion knows no bounds and is no secret. I strive daily to speak with the same kind of directive nature and arrow like prose. My forever inspiration ❣️ happy birthday legend ✌🏼

one of the very few pictures I’ve taken on this trip. Because this one was just for us ❣️coming home tomorrow.

I’m writing by the motel pool again 🌴🌴#roseblacque

I’m working at a roadside motel in Australia and all I can do is write letters instead. I’ll be the first person to admit, I don’t always manage things well- feelings & time alike. Perhaps if they were more tangible, if I could hold them up and let the light shine through, maybe I’d know how to do all of this better 💓 taken by @jenavieve in Las Vegas a few days ago, which feels like a year ago

somewhere in Australia ✌🏼#roseblacque

Went to the other side of the world to wake up at this empty beach ✌🏼 it sure is a wonderfully small-huge forever surprising place

it’s never simple, some are just bigger than the others ✌🏼❣️#roseblacque

“I want you to understand exactly what you are getting: you are getting a woman who for some time now has felt radically separated from most of the ideas that seem to interest other people. You are getting a woman who somewhere along the line misplaced whatever slight faith she ever had in the social contract, in the meliorative principle, in the whole grand pattern of human endeavor.” -Joan Didion at the Royal Hawaiian


Scrappy af in Vegas for the night in a $3 dress i found at Savers today ✌🏼

we’re somewhere in the desert ✌🏼 #roseblacque

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