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jess.  .:{we live by the sun🌙we feel by the moon}:.

The only thing that could make @klpolish #dasesspensive even better... a holo taco 🌮 ✨ #klpolish #funlaquer #diamond #holo #holotopcoat #holonails #holotaco

#klpolish #dasesspensive Four days & going strong💪🏻✨ It looks so pretty with rose gold jewelry 😍

☺My boyfriend is the best💜

Why is opening a new bar of @witchbabysoap so freaking satisfying?! #psychicsoap #witchbabysoap

Feeling a little girly today💖 #incoco

I have been super drawn to Rose Quartz lately. I've slept with a sphere in my bed the past few nights and have been in such an awesome mood. Rose Quartz is the stone of love, compassion, comfort, healing, forgiveness.. I think I have been drawn to it because my heart chakra needed some nourishment in the self-love department. Forgiveness has never been easy for me either, I just never made the connection that it had to do with my heart chakra before now. This flame is one of my favorites💕 so much pure love radiating off of this beauty!

made a new dreamcatcher tonight✨🌙✨


I have been spending more time with my crystals lately & I keep finding more and more magic in them. I have had this Labradorite crystal ball for a little while now but never used my flashlight to examine it closely... it has a purple flash!! It was hard to get the camera to pick it up like it looks in person but you can see it!!

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