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rosco.  Bloom in silence.

“I hate Tom Brady” - Olivia Stone 🐾

Heartbroken as fuck. But at least I got to be this close to a classic Rivers to Gates pass. One hell of a season, fellas! @chargers. #SanDiego -> #LosAngeles #BoltGangOrDontBang #ASAP #Chargers #Forever ⚡️

Merry New Happy Christmas Year 🍻

Qualcomm forever. #HolidayBowl


Chaos at its finest. #cousins

My sister, my friend, always

Birthday mood.
Still high off last Thursday’s victory in Kansas City. Bolt up ⚡️

Primetime @chargers dub w/ @louieg ⚡️⁣
⁣📷: drunk guy


10.5.18 // “Dime Trap” @troubleman31 - My favorite rapper since the ‘04 release of “Urban Legend”. Extra stoked about this one.. track 1 features my bro @samhookmusic. 💰

Happy 7th birthday, Olivia. 👑
Love youuuu

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