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Ros Mulemwa Limbo  I live to love xoxo CFE Blogger ENFP Vegan Bestselling author....because God said so:) Yoga ninja est. 1 February 2015 Okoye’s younger sister:)

Happy New Week. 🌸

In 2017, many people talked about being “woke” but have you truly woken up from your slumber? We often find ourselves sleeping on our emotions in hopes that the bagages me drag around with us will somehow dissipate.
2017 saw me burying my hurt and my anger in hopes that they will forever rest and allow me have peace. The state I was in was cute, but very delusional.

The end of 2017 saw my suppressed emotional pain morph into physical pain. A pain I dragged into 2018 in hopes that the 1st of January would make it magically disappear.

I would have stayed in this space of pain and fear in order to save face, but I was tired of keeping up the lie.

The March 1st found me laying on the floor, contemplating how to offload and restart 2018.

Honesty: honesty in how I view my body, honesty in how I feel about my yoga practice, honesty in how I view the world, but most importantly honesty in why I think I fall short in many social aspects.

Self-honesty is a continuous process. However, what I have learnt on my journey thus far is that most of our fears are simply in our minds; preventing us from reaching our true potential. The more I spoke candidly to myself, the easier I found it to speak truthfully to those around me.
And with truth, came more love and understanding from those around me.
So take a step back and look at yourself. Are you truly "woke" or do you have to engage in some self-honesty.

Have you done any self reflections yet?
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When I was young I didn't want to be a woman. I would listen to the tales told by my aunt and realised that women bore the burden of the world on their shoulders. They were expected to smile and submit. They were expected to rise above everything put in front of them and not shed a single tear.
But growing up taught me that women were like the Hulk; smart, strong but minus the anger😉
Women are the manifestation of love. And we know that love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
Happy Women’s Day 🌸

Have you read my latest blog entry yet?
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Yoga class in session. 🌸🍃❤ #yogawithros

Busy making things happen with a cup of tea.
Happy New Week. 🌸

Freedom like the wind and movement like the ocean; this is what I wish for every student that walks into my studio.
This is the month is self-honesty. Join me as we journey into a space where the mind is free and the body is reminded of its strength.


I wrote about how devastated I was when I failed CTA and how I came to realize that failure is simply a detour in your path to success.
Visit my blog to read how I came to that.

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