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Thanks to the kbbq that helped this PB of 340 move like it should have 😬. #teamnocalves #canditotraininghq #week9

To the only person I would love to be buried alive in snow while waiting 8+ hours for avalanche control only to turn back and trek across unplowed South Lake Tahoe roads while still allowing me to believe that the suspension is appropriate for a family, Happy Valentines Day to my one and only @missdaaar I ❤ my Darbaru #subaru_usa #rhinorack #subieflow #subispeed #mtnroo #rallysauruswrex

BNO with these original Parking lot pimps #RHSboyz

Lots of warnings this week from a winter storm to a blizzard warning with whiteout conditions, avalanche control, flash floods and another winter storm on our way home. What they failed to warn me was about how much I'd fall in love with her ❤ @missdaaar

Congratulations again to the newly weds @chermyboy @shayneeanne !!! #sheremy1717 #playlistonfleektho

Long overdue for a wash, she's all clean now 😬 #subieflow #subispeed #rhinorack #subarulove

Say Hello to my Fiancé 😊#justsaidyes @weddingwire

He's backkkkkk. Our lives are complete now @flores_jefff ❤️❤️

Booze, buffets and Boyz II Men...and of course Trigga 😮Day 4 of 7 at work most definitely makes me miss this place 🙃 Thanks again for waiting till 3am for my hero to come on stage 😂😂 @markguutz @kgalvguutz @missdaaar #yeuppp #stilldontknowhowtousethegopro

4th time's a charm! Came here only to find it closed on three separate occasions over the past 2 months. But not today! Finally got to bless my taste buds with this wonderful broth of the gods. Thanks @missdaaar I love soup.

Thanks to my suga mama @missdaaar for this birthday present, I love it!!! And a big thanks to @dynamicdetailingsj for an amazing ceramic coating job! It's an unbelievable gloss and feel, I don't think the picture does the work justice.

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