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Anticipating Lilacs
All night, all day the rain beats down on my roof and hits the window. I'm tired of it, the spout outside my window is tired of it, even the birds are engaging in silent protest. .
I wore pastels yesterday--my own silent protest. I drove past the flower farmers working in the downpour covering their just blooming daffodils in the fields. Bent over in their huge slickers, they looked tired of it too. .
Its been raining since October. My teen says I'm being a downer, that showers bring flowers.
I'll cling to that. And anticipate lilacs.

Was just meandering through some of my old posts and found this one from a few years back of the lilac-scented sugar I made for my tea. I need to do that again this year. So fragrant! 💜

@jrfromstrickley keeps me in stitches with his goofy bovine crew.
#Repost @jrfromstrickley
For those times when ordinary loo roll just won't do...
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My #minichefintraining is not so mini any more. In fact, at 15 today he could probably devour an entire duck all by himself! Delicious birthday dinner for @kenanjmu on deck


@bigskyfarmer is a fourth gen farmer and in my latest profile she shares the challenges and rewards of that farm legacy. She also eloquently lays out the argument for all of us as consumers to support crop insurance in the farm bill. Read her story at the link in my profile and see what big sky farming looks like.
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My husband hit the road pretty early this morning with our son and his friend, wanting to try to get one last good snowboarding run in before the season ends. But before he left, he got up and baked this rosemary loaf so it would be waiting for me. He even set out the butter and salt next to it. It tastes as delicious as you would think. Thanks @joemulkern

Back scratches and sunshine at @ktcattle with lady boss And awesome rancher, Katie.

Spotted this front page headline in the grocery store and did a little cheer for the Tulalip.
#tulaliptribes #thefutureisfemale

The things I bring home in my suitcase...any suggestions on how to use this prickly cactus pear? Its super seedy so I'm think of juicing. Will I regret that?

I don't need a calendar to tell me Spring has in the Pacific Northwest, this is how I know. 👍🏻 #purplesproutingbroccoli by @nashsorganicproduce

"Workers in the food chain also include the people who grow our food, who are often not able to sell their products above the cost of production. Farmers are shrouded in all kinds of dualities—the birth and death of livestock; drought and monsoon; the vibrancy and the physical pain from a life spent doing and making. But the greatest irony may be this: When I farmed, I made far less than minimum wage. I could not afford to purchase health care, despite the physical risk of my occupation. And while I spent each day surrounded by food—touching it, growing it, making it sing for our customers—I did not earn enough to buy that same food for my own family" . - @cactuswrenwriter .
1 in 7 of food workers live with food insecurity. Debbie's important story in the current @ediblebajaaz is linked in my profile. Don't miss this one - and the illustrations by @joepagac are 🙌🏻.

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