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Wait let me fix my ticka first 😂

Thankyou tuhada sareyaan da askhe nu ina pyaar dan laye❤️ #Askhe is in theatre now! Photo credit: @gurrioye 😊

Hor fer pardaan Kiddhann? 😄

The same theatres I grew up watching films my whole life was the same theatre I watched myself in today! Watching myself on the big screen hearing my own voice in the speakers was so unreal. All I've ever wanted to do was act. I am here because of you guys I can't say it enough I love u guys so much and il never let u guys down. ❤️Thank you to @sukhsanghera and @amrindergill Ji for this amazing opportunity. #ashke 🎉🎉

Punjab 💞

"In order to be a good actor you need to be a good person, because the camera is very smart. If your not a good person, if your fake , it shows. If your heart is not clean it is visible" - Sridevi

The amount of love you guys give surprises me each time Thankyou for loving rang gora! Keep supporting I love you guys ❤️

Rang gora is here enjoy Karo and let me know how you guys like it !!😊❤️ @sukhsanghera @a.k.h.i.l_01

I loved every bit of this hydro facial I got from @orchid11medspa there treatment made my skin feel so fresh and clean I absolutely love the after glow on my face 😍