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This is such a @parastomar picture! #influenced #smaashed #gamingzone

My new fav is coconut water and black coffee! Pigeons would like me too? 🀣#mumbaidiaries #coconutwatercoffee #weirdcombos #

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Ok Guys... Quick Summer Tips for all Dog Lovers and Parents out there... 1.No long walks under the Sun,The Roads r too hot for their Paws

2.Always keep Fresh water in ur pet's reach24/7

3.If possible ditch Non Veg Foods in summers,It gets too heavy on their digestion and can result in Loose Motions and Vomiting.
4.Stick to atleast two meals of Curd n Rice in a day,Give smaller meals.

5.Make sure U give them Buttermilk or Plain Curd post Noon to beat the stress from all the heat.

6.All veggies to their food. Or u can also take a carrot,Poke it wit a fork to make holes,Dip it in water and then freeze it for 4hrs...
It is a fun snack which helps them to beat the heat!

7.VERY IMPORTANT please keep them in a cool environment at home... Ac,Coolers,Fans whatever possible for U!

8.If they have Loosies or are vomiting let them eat some plants from your garden or get them some greens...Some leafy veggies to be eaten raw... Thats how they combat bad stomach in the wild!

9.If Loosies and Vomiting persists for more than THREE TIMES,It is time to consult a vet!
Dont panic before that.
#pettips #beattheheatofsummer



I have decided that i no longer want to be an adult. If anyone needs me.. il be in my blanket fort, coloring. 😊

Samay se pehle aur bhagya se zyada kuch nahi milta! #lifelessons101 #highwaygyaan #indiantruckquotes 😁

Oh yes it is! #coffeelove #newmug #caffeineboost 😊

Awwwwiee! Reminds me of my childhood. 😁

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